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Innovation is a cornerstone of our company. We strive to provide our customers with optimal solutions designed to increase their productivity and reduce total cost of ownership – while ensuring reliability, efficiency and safety. Here is a list of our latest campaigns and launches.

Golden Shank

We introduce a completely unique rust protection that gives +30-100% longer service life, higher productivity, lower overall costs, and less environmental impact.

Introducing the new push bore reamers

Our push bore reamers are designed to make time work in your favor. Combine improved penetration rates, minimized downtime and simplified in-field service operations to elevate your performance with this latest innovation from Sandvik.

Introducing the new push bore reamers

Curved thread innovation

The new top hammer curved thread systems, CT55 and CT67, push the limits for productivity, durability and sustainability.

Sandvik Rotary Drilling Content Hub

The Sandvik rotary drilling content hub provides you with the information you need to improve the productivity of your blasthole drilling operation and guide you towards improved TCO. The content on this page will be updated regularly; make sure you bookmark this page so you stay up-to-date on the latest knowledge, advice, explanations and recommendations.

A (r)evolution in top hammer drilling

New Sandvik Alpha™ 340 Asymmetric drilling tools are the latest innovation in Top Hammer drilling for mine development and tunneling

Heavy Duty Bits

Heavy Duty Bits with PowerCarbide® are our toughest top hammer drill bits yet, pushing just about every limit in bench, quarrying and production long hole drilling.



The AutoMine® Concept Underground Drill is a fully autonomous, twin-boom development drill rig capable of drilling without human interaction.

PowerCarbide white background


Sandvik PowerCarbide® grades represent our most advanced materials technology and can optimize any drilling application – to significantly enhance both drilling performance and cost effectiveness.

AutoMine® Mapping Solution

AutoMine® Mapping Solution is the first solution from the next generation program at Sandvik.

Eclipse Fire suppression

From diesel fuels to hydraulic fluids, heavy equipment depends on flammable liquids to keep moving. Whatever your business, the ability to effectively sup-press fire is vital.

Reach further. Exceed expectations

Dino™ DC420Ri is a surface top hammer drill rig for 51 to 76 mm (2 to 3”) hole sizes.

Parts & Components

If you need spare parts or components for your mining and construction equipment you’ve come to the right place. Enjoy the benefits of high-quality products that preserve your equipment’s performance throughout its lifetime.

Sandvik Speedy bit

Sandvik Speedy Bit

The new Speedy Bit. Get more out of your workday.


PowerCarbide® SH69

The innovate SH69. A powerful breakthrough

Leopard™ DI650i

Sandvik Rental Services

When renting an asset makes more sense than leasing or buying one, Sandvik Rental Services is the simple solution to help you maximize your productivity and profitability.

Top Hammer PowerCarbide

PowerCarbide® GC81 and SH70

The greatest innovations in years. Extends service life and grinding intervals

PowerCarbide® XT53

PowerCarbide® XT53 is a major innovation in our cutting picks, and is a grade well suited for the demands of rock cutting in medium to hard ground conditions.

Rock Tools Services

Sandvik is a world-leader in the supply of mining and rock excavation tools and equipment.

Sandvik RH560 rock tool

Sandvik RH560 hammer

The premium Sandvik RH560 hammer arrived to the market to meet the continued demand for increased productivity through cutting edge solutions.

RS410 cutter black background

RS410 Raise Boring Cutter

The new RS410 Raise Boring Cutter is the sequel you have been waiting for, and the Sandvik Raise Boring team is proud to present a raise boring cutter that is even tougher than its precursor.

The ulimate bite in bucket productivity

Large-scale underground mining operations put huge demands on both LHD buckets and GET. MakoTM is a next-generation lip protection system designed specifically for the toughest of mining conditions.

The Charger™ RR450 drill bit

Introducing the next generation in rotary drilling: The Charger™ RR450 rotary drill bit with PowerCarbide® SH75.

Knowledge elevated

My Sandvik Onsite is a powerful monitoring solution that transforms real-time data into actionable insights for productivity improvements.


Rock tools report on sustainability

At Sandvik Rock Tools we are determined to take action when it comes to sustainability. Visit "Our Way Report" to find out more on where we stand in terms of the progress of our sustainability efforts.

xCell Cyclops™ Follow your mine online

To meet the demanding challenges of the modern mine, Sandvik developed xCell Cyclops™ convergence system.

The calmness of recycling

Recycling is now included with all our carbide rock tools. This website will guide you through the soothing benefits of carbide recycling.

RR340 Rotary Drill Bit

The RR340 premium single sealed roller bearing bit is designed for challenging ground conditions.

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