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Our way of working for a sustainable shift

At Sandvik Rock Tools we are determined to take action when it comes to sustainability. We are on our most important journey to date - to make the mining industry as sustainable as possible and secure the necessary minerals we needed to make the shift towards a sustainable future.

This report, that we call the “Our Way Report”, is created to give our customers, employees and other important stakeholders an annual overview of where we stand in terms of the progress of our sustainability efforts.

Our way report 2022

Sustainability goals

Sandvik Rock Tools has three clearly defined focus areas for our sustainability work: We lead the way, We build circularity and We shift climate.

We lead the way

We build circularity

We shift climate

We do not have all the answers, and we are constantly learning and developing our approach and methods. Why? For the good of our planet, as well as our business.

Maria Hugosson, President Rock Tools division
Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions

Download Our way report

Rock Tools sustainability report (PDF)


Sustainability development goals

Sandvik Rock Tools business affects many of the sustainable development goals integrated in the United Nations Agenda 2030. This report on sustainability highlights our work regarding climate change, climate action and resource efficiency.

Track in 70% of our contracts

Track is our application to capture data, measure and optimize customer contracts. By performing and understanding failure analysis and waste management our tools service life will improve which is beneficial from both a sustainable and circular standpoint.

Track in 70% of our contracts

100% Scrap-based steel suppliers

Recycling steel scrap is important when building circularity and the steel recycling process has a lower climate impact then today’s process for reduction of iron ore.

100% Scrap-based steel suppliers

50% reduction of business air travel

Employees should travel when it is needed, but unnecessary air travel shall be avoided, and the digital way of working should continue and be developed. During 2021 CO₂ emissions from air travel was very low due to the pandemic.

50% reduction of business air travel

Digital shift

Sandvik Rock Tools leads the way by improving our customers productivity, increase the service life of our products and make sure no tools are lost at the production sites. By doing this, and making the digital shift, the lifetime of our products increases and the total environmental impact decreases.

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