The New RH560 Arrives with a Bang!


The most premium Sandvik hammer arrives to the market to meet the continued demand for increased productivity through cutting edge solutions.

Why RH560?


The mining industry continues to demand even higher levels of productivity. Performance takes precedence thanks to reduced handling and less downtime of the RH560 hammer.

Sandvik RH560 rock tool

Up to 15 % increase in penetration rate

With its enhanced air cycle and piston design, the RH560 delivers higher striking power leading to more power output. With less inside parts this hammer provides outstanding reliability. We have simply combined the reliability of our RH460 yet keeping the simplicity of RH510. RH560 is here to stay.

Great Start With Smooth Collaring

With an ability to build up pressure gradually, the RH560 hammer starts up smoothly allowing for better and quicker collaring in any rock condition. Even in complex rock formations and against uneven surfaces. Exact collaring and straight holes are prerequisites for productive drilling with maximum advance, and lower overall costs. This saves overall drilling time and reduced frustration for the driller.

No Foot Valve For Trouble-Free Performance

In almost any ground conditions RH560 will give you higher productivity, improved reliability and better drilling economy through less air consumption. Delivers the high impact and energy transfer needed to keep you going on and on.


Optimized air cycle

Value Added

  • Lower fuel consumption
  • More responsive drilling
  • Up to 15% higher penetration rate
  • Less prone of breakage


  • Low air consumption (15% less than before)
  • Faster building up of air pressure
  • Higher frequency means more impact/minute
  • Increased power output

Superior drilling with our Sandvik RH560 rock tool
  • Sandvik RH560 rock tool

    RH560 A Big Hammer with Bigger Advantages

    • Simple overall design minimizes failures
    • Optimized, piston and bit design maximizes energy transfer efficiency
    • Higher penetration rate up to 15%
    • Low air consumption meaning less fuel consumption yet more power
    • No foot valve meaning no small parts causing unnecessary breakdown
    • Less downtime means less handling of the hammer, lower injury risk
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