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The Sandvik rotary drilling content hub provides you with the information you need to improve the productivity of your blasthole drilling operation and guide you towards improved TCO. The content on this page will be updated regularly; make sure you bookmark this page so you stay up-to-date on the latest knowledge, advice, explanations and recommendations. We’ll even throw in some fun content from time-to-time. There’s also an option to sign up for updates to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

On Demand Webinars

Drilling Parameters and Their Effect on Productivity

Join a diverse panel of Sandvik experts who will discuss the importance of determining, setting and adjusting drill parameters to help achieve the highest levels of productivity while improving the TCO of the drill rig.

After attending this webinar attendees will be better equipped to improve the performance of any OEM blasthole drill.

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Cost Savings from Drilling Smaller Diameter Holes

While there are many instances in mining where the old adage ‘bigger is better’ rings true of equipment, there are a growing number of applications where efficiency trumps size.

Listen as Paul Morgan, Sales Support Manager at Sandvik’s Rotary Drilling Division explains how one customer achieved remarkable savings in their drill and blast operation while simultaneously setting, then breaking site drilling records simply by approaching a common practice with an open mind and a willingness to try something new.

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Data Interoperability and Third-Party Interfacing Within the Digital Ecosystem

Listen as our automation, digitalization and product specialists discuss our digital solutions, their interoperable capabilities, and the value these solutions bring to your organization.


Solve Your Surface Drilling Puzzle

Join us for a lively conversation about our complete surface drill offering and how it can help solve your surface drilling puzzle.

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Sandvik at MINExpo 2021

Missed Sandvik at MINExpo 2021? This 30 minute webinar will provide a recap and a virtual tour of our exhibit.

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Woodrow Collett our EH&S specialist tells you a little about himself (you never will guess what he has done in the past) and what he does to help ensure that the Alachua facility staff remains as safe and healthy as possible.

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Listen as Patricia Bambace, our eLearning Developer explains what her job entails (it's really cool) and what lead her to Sandvik from her previous role in academia. She will also give a glimpse into a future Sandvik training initiative.

Be on the look out for episode #5 in this series.

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In this episode we learn a bit more about Alma Herbig, Production Manager. She will tell us a bit about her career journey and how it lead her to Sandvik in Alachua, Florida. Alma also offers her perspective on why Sandvik is a great place to work.

Make sure you check back soon for episode #4 of Who I Am And What I Do.

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Rotary Drill Selector App

In under five minutes, learn how the Sandvik rotary drill selector app can help in your search to find the right rotary drill for your application.

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In this episode we learn a bit more about Atif Khan, Sr. Automation Manager. He will relate how he became interested in engineering and more specifically computers. He will also share some thoughts on the value of data to a mining operation.

Make sure you check back, we plan to offer these behind the scenes interviews regularly.

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Intelligent Rigs. Impressive Results. How iSeries Blasthole Drills Deliver Value to Your Organization

View our webinar "Intelligent Rigs. Impressive Results. How iSeries Blasthole Drills Deliver Value to Your Organization". You’ll learn how the iSeries family of rotary blasthole drills combine intelligent features with automation to deliver impressive results to your mining operation.

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Who I am and What I Do Episode #1

On-Demand Webinar

The Who I am and What I do series consists of a series of short interviews with the folks working at the Alachua, Florida, USA Rotary Drilling Manufacturing site.

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Customer Support in the Digital Age

On-Demand Webinar

Learn how Sandvik continues to leverage the latest digital technology to improve the customer support experience. Our technical services experts will discuss the latest developments in remote support, training and continuous product improvement.

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The Future of Rotary Blasthole Drill Technology

On-Demand Webinar

Learn how the technologically advanced DR410i blasthole drill helps mine operators take the guesswork out of daily operation and deliver reliable high-yielding production results.

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Open, interoperable & automation ready.
Data interoperability is critical in reaching the next stage of mining’s digitally-enabled, autonomous future. Read on to learn how we are helping our customers leverage the power of their data.

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Drill Rig Selector

Not sure which Sandvik rotary blasthole drill fits your requirements? The rotary drill selector app can help guide you to a solution. Answer a few simple questions and you’ll instantly receive a list of rigs which align with your requirements.

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Surging Through the Digital Era Article

Expert Article

Demetre Harris, Sandvik Mining & Rock Technology, USA, explores how technology has changed and improved mining operations.

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Making Waves in Minnesota

Learn how the combination of a customer willing to "think outside the box" and Sandvik technology generated record breaking results and substantial savings.

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Rotary Drilling Division 2022 On-Demand Webinar Schedule

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June Drilling More Productively with Smaller Holes
November 30 Sandvik Holiday Experience

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