Pantera™ DP1500i Surface top hammer drill rig

Pantera™ DP1500i is a hydraulic, diesel-powered, self-propelled top-hammer drill rig, and is the ideal choice for production or pre-split drilling in large quarries or open pit mines and construction sites. It offers the highest power in its class for improved penetration rates, and produces a range of drilling information, including the condition of the drill and work performed. It drills holes with a diameter of 89 to 152 millimeters (3 ½ to 6 inches).

Pantera™ DP1500i is part of the new generation of drill rigs, and can produce a range of drilling information including the condition of the drill and the work performed. The equipment also features clever drilling parameter set up, an advanced ROPS/FOPS certified safety cabin, excellent visibility and step by step trouble shooting instructions.

Pantera™ DP1500i top hammer drill rig enables a true productivity boost to surface top hammer drilling in a variety of applications. Based on the well-known DPi characteristics, the reformed drill rigs feature improvements that provide true power, fuel economy, more uptime hours and smooth flow of operation.

Other models within this series of drill rigs include the Pantera™ DP1100i surface top hammer drill rig.


  • Intelligent production drill rig
  • Advanced user interface
  • Easily adjustable drilling control system
  • Excellent stability due to optimized center of gravity
  • Smart component layout and gullwing-type doors for ease of service
  • Excellent visibility
  • Remote access ready
  • Low fuel consumption, low CO² emissions
Technical data
Hole diameter 89 - 152 mm
Drill rod / tube diameter 51, 60, 87 mm (2, 2 3/8, 3 ½ in.)
Hydraulic rock drill HL1560T, 33 kW (44 hp)
RD1635CF, 35 kW (48 hp) as option
Engine output  261 kW (350 hp)/1800 rpm (Tier 3), 287 kW (385 hp)/1800 rpm (Tier 4)
Flushing air capacity 14 m3/min
Cabin Ergo cool
Certificate ROPS and FOPS
Dimension (L-W-H) 1,1500 x 2,500 x 3,340 mm

Hassle-free surface drilling

The arrangement of the components in the Sandvik DP1500i Drill rig allows easy maintenance and serviceability. These include modifications to the covers, two doors on the left side of the machine and an enhanced locking mechanism on all doors. The advanced interface enables both convenience and hassle-free operation, now featuring touch screen, Sandvik common user interface style, support for new drill rig options and enhanced trouble shooting functions.

The new hydraulically controlled compressor intake valve provides faster and more accurate control over the compressor and eliminates the possibility of freezing in cold conditions. The Sandvik DP1500i drill rig is designed with your challenges in mind, and so can be customized to help your operation run smoothly.

Energy efficient Sandvik DP1500i drill rig

Sandvik DP1500i drill rig comes complete with a low-consuming Tier4 Final engine and a renewed control system, with an updated user interface and touch screen. This allows for easier and more accurate operation. And with an optional new high-frequency rock drill RD1635CF with 35kW output power and stabilizer, you can further ensure optimal drilling performance in changing rock conditions.

The new compressor control system takes the fuel economy to a totally new level. The new Circulating Shank Lubrication System (CSL) also circulates shank lubrication oil through filters and reduces oil consumption up to 70% compared to the old systems and increases the life time of coupling sleeves. This combination of advanced technical solutions and quality hardware makes the reformed Sandvik DP1500i drill rig the perfect machine for optimal drilling performance.