DR416i Rotary Blasthole Drill

Sandvik DR416i blasthole drill delivers a single-pass capacity of 21m (69ft), the longest single-pass mast in its class along with a maximum depth of 42.4 m (139 ft) across all recommended pipe diameters. Intended for large-diameter rotary drilling, (270–406 mm/105/8–16 in) Sandvik DR416i combines power and intelligence, taking the guesswork out of daily operation and delivering a reliable high-yielding production environment.

Bigger. Smarter. Stronger.

Sandvik DR416i is AutoMine® ready providing functionality for both on-board and off-board automated needs. This scalable solution, from on-board automation that increases drilling efficiency to full autonomous operation, is designed to meet customer needs both now and in the future.


  • Sandvik Intelligent Control System Architecture (SICA) provides the operator with real-time feedback regarding the machine’s performance and health, along with tools for drill planning, reporting and analysis, improving availability and productivity
  • Our scalable iDrill automation platform provides automation options and digital services which yield accurately placed, consistently clean, precision-drilled holes delivering improved fragmentation, productivity and asset utilization.
  • Patented deck wrench allows bit change in conjunction with optional remote-control crane, eliminates manual bit handling enhancing operator safety
  • Traveling centralizer reduces drill pipe wobble, producing straighter holes, extending component life, reducing unplanned maintenance
  • Ergonomic cab design features a swivel-enabled operators seat with integrated joysticks, large, easy-reach touch screens and keypads enable effortless access to machine settings, while the extra-large drillers window offers a full unobstructed view of the drill table.
  • 360-degree open-design catwalk system improves access to frequent maintenance areas, speeding maintenance routines and reducing chance for injury

iDrill scalable automation platform

All iSeries drill rigs are equipped with iDrill technology. This scalable automation platform provides automation options and digital services designed to speed up your production process and support your mine operations. You can use as much or as little as you need knowing is available when you need it.

iDrill_Scalable_Automation_Platform Landscape.jpg 

Our optional AutoMine® for Surface solution allows you to leverage iDrill technology to further scale up automation according to your business needs. AutoMine® for Surface covers all aspects of automation, from remote and autonomous operation of a single piece of equipment, to multi-machine control and full-fleet automation.

Compare the features available within iDrill and AutoMine

Technical data
Engine power 1,118 kW (1,500 hp)
Max hole depth Up to 42.4 m (139 ft)
Dimension mast up (L-W-H) 18.2 x 9.27 x 32,1 m (59 ft 8 in x 30 ft 5 in x 105 ft 5 in)
Dimension mast down (L-W-H) 31 x 9.27 x 9.35 m (101 ft 10 in x 30 ft 5 in x 30 ft 8 in)
Hole diameter 270 - 406 mm (10 ⅝ - 16 in)
Operating weight (empty) 195,707 kg (431,460 lb)
Rotary head 90 rpm / 25,760 Nm (19,000 ft lb)
Maximum rpm / torque
First pass depth (single-pass) 21 m (69 ft)
Compressor standard 109 m3 per min / 3,850 cfm @ 5.5 bar / 80 psi
Weight on bit 703 kN (158,000 lb)
Max. pull down force 534 kN (120,000 lb)
Drilling technique Rotary

*Consult factory for options and alternate power group arrangements

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