DR412i Rotary blasthole drill rig

Sandvik DR412i Rotary blasthole drill rig

Our Sandvik DR412i blasthole drill rig is designed for drilling both soft and hard rock. It drills holes with a diameter of 216 - 311 millimeters (8 ½ - 12 ¼ inches) down to a maximum multi-pass depth of up to 75 meters (246 feet). This rig can be fitted for both down-the-hole (DTH) drilling and rotary drilling and has a CAN-Bus-controlled hydraulic system for higher availability.


  • Next-generation operator cab offers enhanced ergonomic controls and improved visibility
  • Sandvik drill-control system with scalable auto-mine options offers improved operational efficiency
  • Extended service intervals enable more drilling hours
  • Optional Compressor Management System saves fuel and extends the service life of the engine
Technical data
Engine power 652 kW
Max hole depth up to 33.2 m single pass
Dimension (L-W-H) 14,524 x 7,351 x 19,154 mm
Dimension mast down (L-W-H) 19,235 x 7,351 x 7,850 mm
Hole diameter 216 - 311 mm
Operating weight (empty) 101,496 kg
Rotary head 160 rpm / 11,800 Nm
Maximum rpm / torque
First pass depth (single-pass) 18 m
First pass depth (multi-pass) 12.1 m
Compressor range 41 - 67.4 m3 / min
Drilling technique Rotary / DTH