Extreme productivity in a compact footprint

Compact, powerful and technologically advanced, Sandvik DR410i is designed to deliver unmatched productivity and return on investment for 6-97/8” (152-251 mm) rotary and DTH holes, with a standard mast offering a first pass capability of 10 m or 33 ft and a max depth of 46.6m or 153ft. The extended mast option delivers a first pass option of 14 meters or 46ft with a total depth capacity of 32.3m or 106 ft. across all recommended pipe diameters.

Sandvik DR410i is automation-ready, equipped with our AutoMine® solution which provides functionality for both on-board and off-board automated needs. This scalable solution, from on-board automation that increases drilling efficiency to full autonomous operation, is designed to meet customer needs both now and in the future.


  • Sandvik Intelligent Control System Architecture (SICA) provides the operator with real-time feedback regarding the machine’s performance and health, along with tools for drill planning, reporting and analysis, improving availability and productivity
  • Onboard automated features such as Auto Drill and Auto Cycle ensure consistency hole-to-hole while Auto Mast and Auto Level functions ensure consistent operations and reduce wear on structural weldments
  • Extended mast option delivers an industry leading (in its class) first pass option of 14 meters or 46ft with a total depth capacity of 32.3m or 106 ft. eliminating the need to add pipe, improving productivity and reducing cost
  • Patented deck wrench allows bit change in conjunction with optional remote-control crane eliminates manual bit handling enhancing operator safety
  • Dedicated ladder provides easy access to mast components for inspection and maintenance. Safety is enhanced with the addition of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic grating mast infill and certified tie-off points addressing working at heights concerns
  • Cab offers superb ergonomics with touch screens and keypads mounted to the swivel-enabled operators' seat, raised positioning offers a full unobstructed view of the drill table via the extra-large drillers window
Technical data
Engine power 562 kW / 755hp
Max hole depth (Std. Mast) up to 46.6m / 153 ft
Max hole depth (Ext. Mast) up to 32.3m / 106 ft
Dimension (Std. Mast) (L-W-H) 11.25 m x 5.74 m x 16.61 m
Dimension mast down (Std. Mast) (L-W-H) 16.81 m x 5.74 m x 7.36 m
Hole diameter 152 - 251 mm / 6.0 - 9 in
Operating weight (empty) 63.5 - 70.3 t / 140,000 - 155,000 lbs
Rotary head 130 rpm / 8,340 Nm / 73,800 in-lbs
First pass depth (Std. Mast) 10 m / 33 ft
First pass depth (Ext. Mast) 14 m / 46 ft
Compressor Standard 45.3 m3/min 1,600 SCFM @ 6.9 bar 100 psi
Compressor Standard 41 m3/min 1,450 SCFM @ 24.1 bar 350 psi
Weight on Bit 258 kN / 58,000 lbf
Max. Pull Down Force 222.4 kN / 50,000 lbf
Drilling technique Rotary / DTH