DU411 Articulated in-the-hole production drill rig

Sandvik DU411 is a center-articulated, carrier-mounted in-the-hole (ITH) drill rig that is ideal for highly accurate production drilling, as well as drilling service holes and slot raises. The actual drill units are ITH hammers powered by on-board, high-pressure screw boosters. This ITH drill rig can drill holes with a diameter of 89 to 216 millimeters (3 ½ to 8 ½ inches), or it can be configured for 762-millimeter (30 inch) slot raises.


  • On-board reciprocating booster increases productivity and mobility
  • Rubber-tired, compact, articulated carrier ensures maneuverability
  • Different mast and carousel configurations for production drilling or service hole applications offer flexibility
  • High-accuracy in-the-hole drilling delivers enhanced profitability with the lowest cost per ton
Technical data
Engine power 130 kW
Hole diameter 92 - 216 mm
Operating dimension 10,358 x 2,235 x 3,607 mm
Tramming dimensions 9,050 x 2,235 x 2,616 mm
Boom/Mast type Standard mast, fixed centralizer
Carrier type MEM-944
Control system ERIS panel-CanBus
Engine type Mercedez 904, tier III, Diesel