HL1560T Rock drill

Sandvik HL1560T Rock drill

Sandvik HL1560T hydraulic rock drill is designed for Surface long-hole drilling of 89 - 152 mm (3½ - 6 in.) holes and is standard on Pantera Surface top hammer drills.

Sandvik HL1560T is a heavy hydraulic percussive rock drill with independent rotation and separate flushing, which ensures high reliability. It is equipped with hydraulic actuator (stabilizer") to control contact between drill bit and rock which ensures optimal drilling performance and high rock tool service life.

Different rock drill versions are available through optional module offering: flushing device for tube drilling, T51 rods and GT60 rods; power extractor for tubes and rods and alternative rotation motor displacements and the design is covered by several patents.

Technical data
Hole diameter 89 - 127 mm (with rods)
89 - 152 mm (with tube rods)
Power class 33 kW
Percussion rate 30 - 40 Hz
Operating pressure
Rotation (max.)

90 - 200 bar
200 bar
Rotation motor type OMT 400, OMT 500
Drill steels T51, ST58, GT60, ST68
65 mm rods
80 mm rods
80 mm rods
80 mm rods

T51 / ST58 / GT60 - 760
GT60 - 760
ST68 - 630
ST58 / ST68 - 635
Weight 470 - 490 kg