OptiMine® Drill Plan Visualizer

Optimine™ drill plan visualiser


OptiMine® Drill Plan Visualizer allows you to view, analyze and optimize the drill plans and drilling results in an easy-to-use 3D model.


  • Upload drill plans easily and check plans to avoid mistakes
  • Utilize "as drilled" results to optimize your mining operations
  • Make decisions faster and improve planning of drilling operations
  • Identify rock properties with 2D MWD data visualization

Solid Ground Online

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21 November, 2018 OptiMine Analytics uses predictive modelling technology to process overall equipment efficiency and…

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Analytics drive process improvements

2 August, 2018 OptiMine Analytics uses data-driven simulations to improve planning and optimize processes.

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The evolution of automation

27 March, 2018 3D Mine Visualizer and the Drill Plan Visualizer are the latest Sandvik OptiMine offerings that are…

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