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AutoMineĀ® Core for Loading and Hauling

Automine® Core is a Sandvik comprehensive automation platform for fully autonomous operations tailored to mass mining operations. It brings together industry-leading digital solutions for stable underground connectivity, powerful data collection and analysis, an advanced fleet of automated equipment options inclusive of mass mining production monitoring, and Lifecycle Support Solutions to make underground mining safer, more sustainable and productive.


AutoMine® Core Traffic management
  • AutoMine® Fleet

    AutoMine® Fleet is a highly advanced automation system for a fleet of Sandvik underground loaders and trucks sharing the same automated production area. It offers automatic mission control and traffic management, allowing system operators to oversee the process remotely. The system is scalable for different mining applications.

    Improved safety

    AutoMine® Fleet upgraded access control system enhances safety and efficiency by splitting and merging safety zones, enabling flexible interaction between automated and manual equipment. Risk to mine personnel working underground is minimized with the ability to create multiple safety zones throughout sites. The operator remotely controls and simultaneously supervises multiple underground equipment from a safe and comfortable environment. AutoMine® Fleet creates a better work environment for both operator and mine personnel.  

    Reduced equipment damage

    The advanced automated fleet traffic management system controls equipment traffic flow, ensuring operations achieve higher accuracy and consistency, resulting in longer equipment lifetimes and reduced risk of damage. 

    Continuous operations

    Fully automated production cycles enable equipment to operate accurately at high speed with minimal human interaction, and allow new automated tasks to begin immediately. High availability and continuous operation result in constant high performance, enhancing productivity. 

    Multi-machine control

    AutoMine® Fleet offers advanced automated fleet traffic control management, automated fleet mission and draw control for accurate execution of planning. It is ideal for mining operations where high fleet performance is required in large production areas shared by multiple pieces of equipment. These include block caving environments, ramp haulage and transfer levels.

  • Manual Production Monitoring (MPM)

    Manual Production Monitoring (MPM) is a system for monitoring and managing production in manual and partially automated loading operations. It offers high accuracy location tracking through dead reckoning, capturing of cycle information based on machine movement, and predefined loading and dumping locations.

    High accuracy

    Manual Production Monitoring's cycle detection accuracy is more than 95% in mass mining applications. The dead reckoning is immune to dust and most other environmental factors, making it ideal for use in mining operations.

    Low infrastructure requirements

    The system only requires a low number of passive RFID tags in the extraction drives, reducing maintenance and risk of damage or loss of manual equipment tracking built on world class AutoMine® dead reckoning technology.

    Offline buffering

    The cycle detection is buffered onboard of the machine and does not require constant network coverage, resulting in reduced infrastructure requirements and added robustness when connectivity is lost.

    Planning and dispatch

    Automated import of plans from Cave Management System (CMS), operator dispatch and interaction, updating and reporting of actual conditions and scheduling of supporting tasks.

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