OptiMine® analytics and process optimization

OptiMine® is the most comprehensive solution for analyzing and optimizing underground hard rock mining production and processes. It integrates all assets and people including non-Sandvik equipment delivering descriptive and predictive insights to improve operations.

OptiMine® is interoperable and able to connect to any system and technology including Newtrax IoT devices providing a real-time view of mining operations. It is an open and scalable modular suite that gives you the flexibility to expand and work with a full range of equipment, systems and networks.

OptiMine® is based on an open system architecture, which allows efficient data integration between various mining systems and equipment from different providers. It eliminates bottlenecks, streamlines operations and makes mining safer, smarter and more productive.

OptiMine® insights and analytics software


OptiMine® is the most comprehensive suite of digital solutions for analyzing and optimizing mining production and processes underground. It integrates with Newtrax IoT devices, delivering data from all assets, people and equipment – including non-Sandvik equipment – into one source, providing real-time and predictive insights to improve operations.

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Based on its recent analysis of the global mining automation market, Frost & Sullivan has recognized Sandvik with the 2020 Global Product Leadership Award for its advanced mining automation, teleoperation and digitalization solutions portfolio, AutoMine® and OptiMine®.

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Solid Ground Online

Digital underground

21 November, 2018 OptiMine Analytics uses predictive modelling technology to process overall equipment efficiency and…

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Analytics drive process improvements

2 August, 2018 OptiMine Analytics uses data-driven simulations to improve planning and optimize processes.

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The evolution of automation

27 March, 2018 3D Mine Visualizer and the Drill Plan Visualizer are the latest Sandvik OptiMine offerings that are…

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