OptiMine® analytics and process optimization

Optimine™ analytics and process optimization

OptiMine® is an analytics and process optimization suite that offers a collection of digital solutions and accompanying Sandvik services targeted to improve the efficiency of mining operations. Suitable for all underground mining applications and the entire mobile fleet, including other OEM equipment, the solution provides transparency of underground operations and enables joint development of mining process efficiency supported by our experts.

OptiMine® Analytics and process optimizations solutions can be combined as needed to build up the required functionality. With open interfaces, the solution can be seamlessly integrated to mine's digital ecosystem.

Sandvik Optimine™ analytics

OptiMine ® Analytics is the next generation of OptiMine® that transforms data into process improvement via predictive insights and actionable dashboards embedded into your operation management systems. The solution is provided with Sandvik digital consultancy services for mining process optimization.

Optimine™ 3D mine visualiser

OptiMine® 3D Mine Visualizer module provides a three-dimensional model of your mine on your screen. The entire mine can be viewed and examined both inside and outside. This improves situational awareness, as information about the mine can be easily studied and understood at a single glance.

Optimine™ drill plan visualiser

OptiMine® Drill Plan Visualizer is an easy-to-use tool for the visualization of longhole drilling and rock support. This OptiMine® module visualizes your drill plans and drilling results in a user-friendly and informative way to give the mine planning crew the necessary tools to compare drilling results to longhole drilling plans.

Optimine™ scheduler

OptiMine® Scheduler is an efficient graphical scheduling and resource allocation tool for mine development, production and maintenance activities. This OptiMine® module offers a centralized platform for planning all mining operations, automatic dispatching of the tasks to operators underground, and reporting progress and any deviations. It is an ideal tool for increasing your productivity through improved operational visibility and task management.

Optimine™ task management

OptiMine® Task Management is designed to receive scheduled tasks and allow operators underground to immediately respond and adapt to any changes in their working environment. Operators can manage work tasks easily with a tablet application and make corrective actions when needed, so that resources can be used to optimize the results of the ongoing tasks.

Optimine™ location tracking

OptiMine® Location Tracking provides accurate real-time location data for all mobile fleet, including mining equipment and light vehicles from other manufacturers. The data is collected locally by the location tracking unit, with no need for any additional production area infrastructure. Whether in a control room or underground in the mine, OptiMine® Location Tracking module keeps you constantly aware of the status and location of your fleet on 2D and 3D models of the mine.

Optimine™ monitoring

OptiMine® Monitoring updates equipment information automatically in real time. This OptiMine® module guarantees constant up-to-date awareness of the status and productivity of your Sandvik fleet. The information is presented clearly and intuitively to support fact-based decisions. Data can also be integrated with other mine IT systems.

OptiMine® insights and analytics software


OptiMine® is the most comprehensive suite of digital solutions for analyzing and optimizing mining production and processes underground. It integrates with Newtrax IoT devices, delivering data from all assets, people and equipment – including non-Sandvik equipment – into one source, providing real-time and predictive insights to improve operations.

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