Rod loaders

Sandvik rod loaders

Our Sandvik DA500 Series comprises of the Sandvik DA554 and Sandvik DA555. Advanced remote control technology reduces the need for manual lifting of drill rods providing a whole new level of safety, productivity and reliability.

Sandvik DA554 is compact and extreme versatility. It has been industry standard since first released in 1998.

Sandvik DA555 loads diamond core and reverse heavy circulation drill rods remotely, significantly reducing fatigue. Simple to operate and easy to learn, it’s ideally suited for both coring and RC applications.

Standard equipment on the Sandvik DE800 iSeries, Sandvik DA555 rod loader is now also available as a retro-fit for older Sandvik DE800 hydraulic models.

Additionally, the globally patented innovative design incorporates internal jaws inside the cup, clamping the rod during loading operations.

Sandvik DA555 rod loader

Sandvik DA555 rod loader reduces lifting of drill rods and is designed to enhance safety, productivity and reliability. Its design is based on the proven and reliable Sandvik DA554 rod loader.

Sandvik DA554 rod loader

The compact Sandvik DA554 rotary drill rod loader is designed for improved safety, reliability and productivity with exreme versatility.
The tram lockout safety function is standard and prevents the jaws from moving when the tilt arm is raised over 15 degrees.