Multi-purpose exploration drill rigs

Need a single unit that can drill multiple methods? Sandvik DE881 is a powerful, versatile drill efficient in all forms of exploration drilling and boasting an extensive range of standard features and options.

Sandvik DE800 series drills are available in truck mounted configuration and have a pioneering design that enables, diamond coring, reverse circulation, rotary air or mud drilling.

You can switch between different drilling methods without even leaving the hole. Our DE800 series drills are equally productive in all drilling methods and 
have proven their versatility in mineral exploration, directional and geotechnical drilling across the globe.

All Sandvik DE800 series drills are equipped with standard safety features including a central control panel located away from the drill, rotating rod guard, handsfree rod break out and integrated rod loader. The drills are based on the widely accepted Mining Design Guideline (MDG) 15 for mining mobile machinery as well as ISO standard EN791 – Safety of Drill Rigs.

Sandvik DE881 Multi-purpose exploration drill rig

The Sandvik DE881 is a heavy-duty multipurpose exploration drill rig and is the indrustry benchmark in performance. The DE881 offers more depth capacity in both diamond and reverse drilling when compared to its competitors. It is the most powerful drill rig in the Sandvik range of exploration drills and is recognized as industry leading when it comes to performance.