Heavy-duty core drill rigs

The powerful Sandvik DE712 diamond core drill meets demanding surface drilling applications. The drill is designed for shallow and deep hole drilling and can be used in a range of applications including mineral exploration, directional drilling and geotechnical drilling.

Sandvik DE712 fits into a standard closed shipping container making this drill extremely cost effective to ship globally. Sandvik DE712 drill is available in two configurations which can be tailored to your unique operational demands.

Sandvik DE712 has a high capacity option available which increases pull capacity, the rotation torque also receives improved power over the standard model.

The powerful rotation units deliver more torque for higher productivity and feature simple designs for ease of maintenance. Operators enjoy excellent maintenance accessibility thanks to the open design. Drillers also benefit from increased flexibility provided by the long feed stroke combined with the ability to side rack the rotation unit.

Sandvik DE712 heavy duty core drill rig

Sandvik DE712 heavy duty core drill is available in Tier 3 and Tier 4 diesel engine configurations. The Tier 4 configuration is CE certified. The series boasts features that improve safety, productivity and reliability