DE140i Compact core drill rig

Sandvik DE140i Compact core drill

Our Sandvik DE140i is the next generation of underground compact core drills, providing greater productivity with the latest control system that controls and monitors all system functions.

Sandvik have developed an auto mode feature allowing an operator to simply set the appropriate machine parameters and starts the drill in auto mode. Throughout operation the Sandvik DE140i automatically compensates for changes in drilling conditions to optimize drilling within the pre-set parameters.


  • All operating commands in auto mode are executed automatically from the touchscreen
  • The automatic functions enable the operator to complete other tasks during the drill cycle or set to drill a core run during shift change increasing productivity
  • Individual user profiles permit saving settings for a particular drill site
  • Appropriate parameters can be selected to suit less - experienced drill crews
Technical data
Depth capacity* (N) 1,220 m (4,003 ft)
Rotation unit N size
Rotation unit H size
77 mm (3 in)
103 mm (4 in)
Maximum torque (N high speed)
Maximum torque (N high torque)
Maximum torque (H)
550 Nm (406 lbf/ft)
800 Nm (590 lbf/ft)
940 Nm (693 lbf/ft)
Maximum rpm (N high speed)
Maximum rpm (N high torque)
Maximum rpm (H)
1,600 rpm
1,100 rpm
1,100 rpm
Feed force 92.2 kN / 9.4 t (20,730 lbf)
Pull force 92.2 kN / 9.4 t (20,730 lbf)
Feed length (stroke) 1,700 mm (5 ft 7 in)
Power unit - electric 55 kW (72 hp)
Power unit - diesel 92 kW (125 hp)

*Calculations are based on machine lifting capacity, which in some cases may exceed the rated hole depth of the down-hole tooling. Sandvik does not guarantee that these results will be achieved in all drilling operations. The Sandvik DE140i is only available in Sweden.