Exploration drill rigs and tools

Sandvik exploration drill rigs and tools

Sandvik offers a wide range of exploration drill rigs for surface and underground exploration drilling. The exploration drilling equipment ranges from lightweight drill rigs for exploration core drilling to heavy-duty, multipurpose drill rigs with the ability to perform both core drilling and reverse circulation drilling.

Exploration Drilling Equipment – Intelligent Design

The open, simple design of our exploration drill rigs has been proven time and time again in the toughest working environments. The surface drills have large walkways and work platforms. The entire exploration drilling equipment product range provides easy access for regular inspections and maintenance.

The powerful Sandvik DE712 diamond core drill meets demanding surface drilling applications. The drill is designed for shallow and deep hole core drilling and has functionality to drill rotary for shallow casing.

Sandvik compact core drills

Sandvik DE100 series has been engineered to meet the toughest demands in mineral underground exploration drilling. Sandvik DE100 series is also well suited to surface applications where a compact drill is required for exploration core drilling.

Need a single unit that can drill multiple methods? Sandvik DE881 is a powerful, versatile drill efficient in all forms of exploration drilling and boasting an extensive range of standard features and options.

Sandvik VR sampling system

Sandvik offers two equipment series​ for sampling applications: VR series and VM series sampling systems. The two series are intended for the geologist and driller who require the most reliable, flexible and accurate sampling system for grade control and mineral exploration drilling. ​

Sandvik rod loaders

Our Sandvik DA500 Series comprises of the Sandvik DA554 and Sandvik DA555. Advanced remote control technology reduces the need for manual lifting of drill rods providing a whole new level of safety, productivity and reliability.

Our integrated range of advanced, safe and cost-effective geology tools, supplies and accessories provide the best solutions.

We provide a complete range of highly advanced core drilling equipment. Our reverse circulation and diamond drilling technologies deliver optimal, cost-effective technologies for even your most complex exploration projects.

Exploration Core Drilling – Safety First

Sandvik machinery and tools for underground exploration drilling is designed to high safety standard, using innovative technology and features. Safety features across the exploration drilling equipment include hydraulic fold down walkways on the heavy-duty core drill rigs, heavy-duty core drill rigs have remote control tramming for safer operation and maintenance, and rod loader tram lockout to prevent jaw movement when the tilt arm is raised. The exploration drill rigs. Read our Environment, Health and Safety vision for more information.

Surface and Underground Exploration Drilling Applications

We understand the complex needs involved in underground exploration drilling, having developed exploration drilling equipment that’s safer, smarter and stronger to increase productivity while keeping costs down. Sandvik’s versatile exploration core drilling machinery and tools are suitable for core drilling, reverse circulation drilling, geotechnical drilling, directional drilling and rotary drilling.

As your partner in productivity, purchasing Sandvik exploration drill rigs includes extensive after-sales support. For questions or advice about using the exploration drilling equipment, contact a member of the Sandvik team.