Low-Profile loaders

Sandvik low profile products are uniquely designed for underground mining operations with limited heights, such as low clearance mines and pillar mining. In a business where productivity improvements can be measured in seconds, our underground loaders and trucks can make a significant difference to the costs per tonne.

As low profile mining applications present unique challenges, Sandvik low profile loaders respond with unique design. Our compact loaders offer payload capacities from 5.5 - 9.6 metric tons, and canopy heights as low as 1.6 m.

Powerful diesel engines, high breakout forces and fast bucket filling maximize output. Our low profile loaders have been engineered for long-life durability, simplified maintenance and service, and reduced operating costs. These loaders are valuable production tools in your quest to increase safety, reliability and productivity, and cut costs in low profile operation.

Sandvik LH209L Low Profile LHD

Toro™ LH209L loader by Sandvik is a strong and reliable low-profile loader with the largest payload capacity in its size class of 9,600 kg. It is designed to perform in underground mining operations with limited heights.

Toro™ LH208L Underground loader offers a high payload capacity while operating efficiently in extremely limited height mines. This workhorse loader offers high productivity in hard rock conditions thanks to a variety of digital options and proven engine technology.