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Diesel loaders

Toro™ LH515i

Dimensions (L x W x H)
10800 x 2800 x 2900 mm
15,000 kg
Bucket range
6.3 - 7.5 m³
Toro™ LH515i underground loader in mine

Toro™ LH515i loader from Sandvik is a compact 15-tonne underground loader. The design combines intelligence and simplicity, and features such as Sandvik Intelligent Control System, easy maintenance access and ground-level maintenance points that maximize productivity and minimize downtime.


Product specifications

Dimensions (L x W x H)
10800 x 2800 x 2900 mm
15,000 kg
Bucket range
6.3 - 7.5 m³
Maximum tramming capacity
15,000 kg
Break out force, lift
28,100 kg
Break out force, tilt
24,500 kg
Standard bucket size
6 m³
Bucket motion times
Raising time: 6.9 sec, lowering time, 4.3 sec, dumping time, 3.0 sec
Operating weight
39,600.000 kg
Loaded weight
54,600 kg
Speed 1st gear
5.2 km/h
Speed 2nd gear
9.4 km/h 
Speed 3rd gear
Speed 4th gear
28.2 km/h

*Unit weight is dependent on the selected options

Toro™ LH515i underground loader in mine

Learn more about LH515i features

Low-cost and maintenance-friendly

A well-planned layout and reduced number of hydraulic hoses mean easy maintenance access and fewer potential maintenance points, which improves reliability and lowers operating costs.

Reduced emissions

The optional Stage V engine’s configurations meet stringent European emission regulations. Enhanced digital services provide clear fuel consumption insights and decrease idle time, reducing emissions underground.  

Traction control

Optional traction control reduces wheel slippage, extending tire life and reducing the need for tire changes. This is especially useful when loading with the line-of-sight radio remote.

Load sense hydraulics

The efficient load sense hydraulic system provides on-demand pressure and flow, improving efficiency, enabling increased tractive effort during loading and reducing fuel consumption.

Production monitoring

Sandvik Integrated Weighing System (IWS) measures payload and filled buckets when lifting the boom. The result is recorded to the My Sandvik Digital Services Knowledge Box™ and transferrable over Wi-Fi.


Kits and consumables

Kits and consumables
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Parts and components

Improve efficiency, profiltability and operator safety

Software systems that help you monitor your machines, giving you a full overview of your fleet and enabling you to control and optimize your operations.

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