Sandvik lh514e

Sandvik LH514E Electric LHD

Sandvik LH514E is an electrically-driven loader for underground loading and hauling, with a tramming capacity of 14 metric tons and a payload-to-own-weight ratio that's best in class. This durable, high capacity electric loader is proof that you can create a cleaner, quieter, safer underground working environment without sacrificing power and productivity.

Sandvik LH514E is a game changer compared to traditional diesel-powered underground loaders, with zero underground emissions and significantly less noise, vibration and heat levels. It's a strong package of pure power, delivering high breakout forces, high tramming speeds, and increased acceleration. The high capacity, unique bucket filling design and rapid cycle times of the loader mean you can move more material faster – at a lower cost per tonne.

Operator efficiency and safety are always a priority in underground loaders, and Sandvik LH514E delivers there, too. Good ergonomics and responsive controls maximize efficiency.


  • Zero-emission electric motor improves working environment
  • Small turning radius enables easy navigation and optimized envelope size
  • High power-to-weight ratio ensures faster cycle times
  • Sandvik Intelligent Control system offers a user-friendly interface with vehicle parameters for rapid fault-finding
  • Quick and easy access for ground-level service and maintenance optimizes uptime
Technical data
Dimension (L-W-H) 11.5 x 3 x 2.6 m
Capacity 14 metric ton
Bucket range 4.6 - 7 m3
Weight (operating) 38,500 kg
Hydraulic breakout force - lift 28,082 kg
Hydraulic breakout force - tilt 24,574 kg
Drive motor output 132 kW
Speed (loaded) 20.5 km/h

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