Mobile Charging Station

The future of underground mining is electric and Sandvik has the battery power. Mobile Charging Stations for Battery Electric Vehicles by Sandvik offer the fastest pit stop on the market. With AutoSwap and AutoConnect, it takes about three minutes. The charging and its cooling units are the same size, allowing for a variety of configurations to fit any mine. This also makes relocation and handling easy and flexible.

Rethink the Equipment, Keep the Same Mine

Sandvik BEV batteries are recharged by fast and flexible charging stations. The stations and batteries do not require the addition of major infrastructure and are easily moveable to different parts of your mine when needed. They only need a connection to the mine electric grid. Each unit comes with its own cooling unit, which uses low electrical conductivity coolant for increased battery safety.

Fastest battery swap on the market

Swapping out a battery only takes about three minutes. When needed, the operator simply drives into the swapping bay, drops off the depleted battery, picks up a full one and continues operation. Thanks to AutoSwap and AutoConnect, there is no need for the operator to leave the cabin.