Surface top hammer drill rigs

Pantera DP1100i Surface tophammer drill rig

Sandvik top hammer drill rigs are equipped with powerful hydraulic rock drills that offer high penetration rates, reliability, and excellent fuel economy. These diesel-powered rigs represent the industry's leading range, from lightweight rubber-tire drills to the most powerful production drills available. ​

Sandvik surface top hammer drill rigs are renowned for their exceptional reliability even in the toughest conditions. Between their excellent fuel economy and low operating costs, these diesel-powered, self-propelled drill rigs are designed not only to operate at low costs, but are fully equipped to provide your staff with the highest levels of comfort and safety. You can view our range of surface top hammer drill rigs below:

Model Hole range mm Rock drill On-board compressor Weight kg
Ranger™ DX910i 89-140* RD927L,RD930C 27/30 kW 9.5 m3/min 19,600
Ranger DX810i 64-127** RD925M/921S, 25/21 kW 8.5 m3/min 19,600
Ranger DX800 76-127 HL/HF820T, 21/23 kW 8.1m³/min 15,600
Ranger DX700 76-115 HL710, 19.5 kW 8.1 m³/min 15,600
Ranger DX600 64-102 HL650, 17.5 kW 6.2 m³/min 15,600
Ranger DX500 51-89 HL510, 15.5 kW 6.2 m³/min 15,200
Ranger DX800R 76 - 127 HL/HF820T, 21/23 kW 8.1 m³/min 15,600
Ranger DX600R 64 - 102 HL650 17.5 kW 6.2 m³/min 15,600 
Pantera™ DP1600i 102–178 RD1840C 49 kW 14 m³/min 23,000
Pantera DP1500i 89-152 HL1560T/RD1635CF, 33/35 kW 14 m³/min 23,000
Pantera DP1100i 89-140 HL1060T/RD1635CF, 25/35 kW 11 m³/min 22,900
Tiger DG810 76-127 HL/HF820T, 21/23 kW 8.1/9.6 m³/min 15,700
Tiger DG710 76-115 HL710, 19.5 kW 8.1 m³/min 15,700
Dino DC410R/Ri 51-76 RD414, 14 kW 3.5 m³/min


Dino™ DC420Ri 51-76 RD414, 14 kW 3.5 m³/min


Commando DC300Ri 38 - 64 HL300, 9 kW 3.0 m³/min 6, 100
Commando DC130Ri 22-45 RD106, 5.5 kW 1.2 m³/min 3,250
Commando DC120 / DC121R 22-45 RC106, 5.5 kW 1.2 m³/min 2,710

* if larger than 127 mm holes drilled, consult factory
** if larger than 115 mm holes drilled, consult factory

New Ranger™ DXi drill rig – check out the campaign page

Ranger DXi drill rig

Thanks to their revolving counterweight superstructure, the new Ranger™ DXi series surface drill rigs feature a superior drilling coverage of 55 square meters. Compared to other drill rigs in the class, they enable up to 60 minutes more drilling per shift* - thus significantly reducing your production costs.

Sandvik Driller's Office software tool

Driller's Office is a practical software tool for surface drilling process management, offering better drilling accuracy, hole quality and blasting results.

SanRemo Mobile is an easy and low-cost connectivity solution for Sandvik surface drill rigs, capable of transferring fleet management and drilling data with a mobile device.

Bring out the best in your top hammer rock drilling

Our latest range of rock drilling equipment comes with state-of the art drilling control systems and top-rate rock drills that allow you to drill quickly and accurately. At the same, ergonomic cabins and easy service points allow comfortable working environment for the operator.

Whatever your application, Sandvik has the perfect drill rig for you. Sandvik's range carries everything from lightweight rubber-tired, radio controlled rigs to extremely powerful crawler drills. We have designed the safest cabins, the most powerful hydraulic rotation heads, the most advanced mechanized rod handling systems and the most intelligent semi-automated drilling systems. Whatever and wherever you need to drill, we're here to help you.

We understand what it is you need from your drilling equipment which is why our Sandvik surface DTH (down-the-hole) and dimensional stone drill rigs have all been perfectly designed for optimal accuracy, efficiency and safety. Whether you're drilling production holes, pre-split holes or anything in-between, all of our rock drilling machinery is built with safety in mind. This is why all of our rock drilling equipment comes with efficient dust collection and suppression technology along with dustproof components for longer lifecycles and reduced maintenance costs.

The heart of rock drilling technology

Rock drills lie in the very heart of our drilling expertise and experience. We design, manufacture and test them in our own test mine at the factory – and we have done so for nearly 60 years. Sandvik's focus has always been on producing first-class quality and top productivity when it comes to rock drills. Together with the Rock Pilot+ control system and drilling tools, Sandvik rock drills provide outstanding tool economy and low total drilling costs as well as ensuring excellent hole quality and the best possible drilling results.

If you have any questions about our range of rock drilling equipment please don't hesitate call us. A member of our team will be more than happy to talk you through our products and help you make an informed decision.

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