Underground loaders and trucks

Sandvik Underground loaders and trucks

Sandvik underground loaders and trucks are engineered for safety, productivity and reliability in even the toughest applications. Rugged, compact and highly maneuverable, these equipment offer impressive capacity for their size, and a low cost per tonne.​

Safety first

All Sandvik underground loaders and trucks incorporate carefully designed and built-in features to improve safety in underground operations.

Underground loaders: taking the strain

Sandvik LHDs (Load, Haul and Dump) handle the toughest of underground applications. The loaders are highly maneuverable and give exceptional productivity. Standard features include for example FEA-optimized frames, powerful engines, advanced drive train technology, four-wheel drive, articulated steering and ergonomic controls. Diesel and electric versions feature payload capacities from 1 to 21 metric tons.

Underground trucks: high performance with minimized envelope size

Sandvik underground trucks give you high capacity in a compact form. The trucks are highly maneuverable with small turning radius. Standard features include for example FEA-optimized frames and dump boxes, powerful diesel engines, advanced drive train technology, four-wheel drive and ergonomic controls.

Sandvik LH517i Underground LHD

Sandvik offer a wide range of LHD equipment, and our standard profile models incorporate years of experience in designing safe, reliable and powerful underground machinery.

Sandvik LH514E Underground LHD

Sandvik's line of electric-powered LHDs enable you to realize the environmental and economic benefits of electric loading without sacrificing productivity. Create a cleaner, safer and quieter environment in your mine, while adding more torque and increasing bucket-filling efficiency.​

Sandvik Low profile underground loaders

Sandvik Low-Profile products are uniquely designed for low-profile underground mining operations. Engineered for applications like low vein room and pillar mining, and for support for extra-low-profile reef mining applications.

Sandvik underground trucks

Sandvik underground trucks are designed to transport your product safely, efficiently and profitably in extreme conditions and confined spaces. They are rugged, compact and powerful. These are fast and reliable trucks that offer payloads from 15 to 63 tons, and operate at a low cost per tonne. ​

Sandvik LS195 Flameproof underground utility vehicle

Sandvik's underground flameproof coal scoops, tracked loaders, coal haulers, shield haulers and face-transfer auxiliaries are engineered to increase flexibility, raise productivity and reduce costs in coal loading and hauling applications.​

Glass labyrinth 38 tonne automated loader

After 20 years of self-driving in underground mines, we put our autonomous loader to the ultimate test — navigating a glass labyrinth with no driver. Will things come crashing down?

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