Rock support drill rigs

Sandvik DS511 rock support drill rig

Sandvik rock support drill rigs make underground drilling and blasting not only a productive operation but also a safe one. The rock support drills can be safely operated by one person and are capable of handling all typical bolt dimensions as well as any commonly used type of bolts and cables. All rock drill rigs have fully mechanized bolting cycles to ensure the reliability and high installation quality of every bolt.

The Sandvik range of rock support drill rigs are designed for a wide array of hard-rock mining operations, tunneling and civil engineering applications. Thanks to on-board cement mixers, cement bag platforms, and optional cement silos and steel strand reels, the rigs can operate autonomously for longer than one shift.

Sandvik DS512i is a bolter for 5m x 5m size headings combining a safe, ergonomic working environment with high levels of performance. Equipped with a completely new carrier, high frequency rock drill, the control system and an ergonomic cabin, the DS512i offers high levels of safety and efficiency providing peace of mind for all rock reinforcement operations.

Sandvik DS511 rock support drill rig

Sandvik DS511 is a rock support drill rig offering the widest coverage in the marketplace for large-scale civil engineering, tunneling and underground mining operations. The combination of a BH bolting head and a compact yet powerful rock drill allows the rig to install the longest possible rock bolts in a given drift.

Sandvik DS422i is a rock support drill specialized for cement grouted cable-bolt installation in underground mines and tunnels.

Sandvik DS421 cable bolter

Sandvik DS421 is a self-contained cable-bolting rig for rock reinforcement in underground mines and tunnels with small and medium cross sections. The full bolting cycle can be operated by one person working safely under the canopy or in a soundproof, air-conditioned cabin.

Sandvik DS412iE is a highly automated and productive, battery powered, bolter for underground mining operations and civil construction tunneling.This bolter is equipped with an electric driveline system including a battery package and electric motor for zero emissions while tramming.

Sandvik DS412i is a bolter for 4,5m x 4,5m size headings combining a safe, ergonomic working environment with high levels of performance. The i-Class platform offers various levels of automation for rock support drilling.

Sandvik DS411 cable bolter

Sandvik DS411 is a rock reinforcement drill rig engineered to install the most common rock bolt types, in combination with steel wire meshes when required. The rock bolting process is completely mechanized and controlled by a single operator. Thank to the strong and reliable TBR60 boom, this bolter can install several rows of 1.5–3-meter (5–10ft) rockbolts from a single set-up.

Sandvik DS312 is a compact and highly versatile rock support drill, with a dedicated screen handler boom, designed for fully mechanized rock reinforcement in underground mines with small and medium cross sections.

Equipped with the new Sandvik Bolting Head (SBH) and the high frequency RD314 drifter, the DS311 is a highly versatile and compact electro-hydraulic rock bolter designed for rock reinforcement in underground mines with small and medium cross sections.

Sandvik DS2710 rock support drill _ 2022

Sandvik DS2710 rock bolter is designed for underground hard-rock mines that require high capacity and reliability. It offers a good performance-to-cost ratio for 3x3-meter drifts. This drill rig will give you tools to increase your productivity, improve safety and lower your operating costs.

Rock Drill Rigs to Enhance Productivity & Revenue

With a higher penetration rate, faster boom positioning and improved bolting process, these are just some of the many ways our rock support drill rigs are changing the way you work. Innovations like the DS512i that come complete with a new carrier and a more ergonomic cabin that provides improved visibility for the operator, you’ll feel safer as well as work more efficiently than ever before. The DS411 is another that has been engineered to provide improved productivity, such as the mechanized rock bolting process and further improvements to the carrier layout. For cable bolting, the DS421 enables faster operation and safety enhancements when installing up to 25-meter-long cable bolts and has an on-board cement mixer, cement bag platform and steel strand reel.

Throughout the design process, we look at making improvements in areas that matter – those that will directly impact performance and improve the end product. These continuous processes ensure that we constantly push for better quality and service so that you have rock drill rigs that are reliable and highly durable to ensure long-lasting success.

Stronger, Long-Lasting Rock Support Drill Rigs

Minimizing downtime is vital, and our rock support drill rigs are developed to ensure that the most common issues that can arise when drilling can be resolved quickly. With the gauge buttons of a drill bit exposed to axial forces, we developed the XT48 cemented carbide. Tough and able to handle axial forces with minimal risk of breakage, our cemented carbide has significantly higher resistance thanks to its stronger material. When the time comes for any wearable parts like this to be replaced, we can do this quickly; that’s why we have a global network of specialist service technicians that will assist when you need them.

Our parts and services provided through Sandvik 365 will provide around-the-clock support to ensure you can access exactly what you need to be up and running again. Safety solutions, upgrades, rebuild solutions and much more are available during your rock drill rigs’ life cycle.

If you have any queries regarding our rock support drill rigs or other products and services, please contact us. Our team will be waiting to assist you and you can browse our full range of innovative products online.