Toro™ TH663i

The Toro™ TH663i truck is designed specifically for underground conditions and combines intelligence, high-productivity and sustainability in one powerful dump truck.

Safer. Stronger. Smarter.

Toro™ TH663i offers increased productivity and efficiency. This powerful truck has a 63 tonne carrying capacity and low overall equipment weight for high ramp speeds. It now has an optional Stage V engine by Volvo Penta. The 16-liter, 585 kW engine provides reduced emissions through the Selective Catalytic Reduction system (SCR) instead of a diesel particulate filter. The SCR uses diesel exhaust fluid to reduce emissions of NOx without sacrificing the truck’s performance or fuel efficiency.

This Stage V engine requires ultra-low sulphur fuel and low-ash engine oil to operate. It also can use renewable paraffinic diesel fuels that meet the EN 15940 standard, significantly reducing the exhaust emissions from the diesel engine. The Stage V engine can also use a mix of diesel and paraffinic fuels without any issues.

Operator Speed Assist is now a standard feature for Toro™ TH663i. Part of Sandvik Intelligent Control System, it automatically limits the top speed of a vehicle during level and downhill driving. It has four levels of speed control: a preset maximum gear, throttle control, engine brake and retarder control. If one done not activate, step by step the next activates. Other standard features include for example a superior operator cabin, and optional features include for example multiple digital solutions, such as our OptiMine® and AutoMine®.

Toro™ TH663i is a matching pair for Toro™ LH621i loader for three-pass loading.


  • New Stage V engine option reduces emissions and can use both diesel and paraffinic fuels (EN 15940)
  • Low overall equipment weight, high capacity for fast ramp speeds
  • Premium cabin ergonomics for operator safety
Technical data
Dimension (L-W-H) 11.6 x 3.5 x 3.5 m
Capacity 63 metric ton
Weight (operating) 48,440 kg
Engine power 565 kW
Speed (loaded) 33 km/h