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Diesel trucks

Toro™ TH551i

Dimensions (LxWxH)
11,500 x 3,200 x 3,200 mm
51,000 kg
Box range
24 - 30 m³
TH551i Diesel truck

Toro™ TH551i is an underground truck with high productivity. It has a low weight, 51-tonne payload capacity and high ramp speeds. It also offers a superior cabin design and increased safety, along with digital solutions for maintenance.


Product specifications

Dimensions (LxWxH)
11,500 x 3,200 x 3,200 mm
51,000 kg
Box range
24 - 30 m³
Maximum payload
51,000 kg
Standard dump box
28 m³
Dump box range
24 - 30 m³
Dump box motion: discharging time
14 sec
Dump box motion: dumping angle
62 degrees
Total operating weight
46,870 kg
Front axle operating weight
32,860 kg
Rear axle operating weight
14,010 kg
Total loaded weight
97,870 kg
Front axle loaded weight
44,470 kg
Rear axle loaded weight
53,400 kg
Engine type
Diesel engine - Volvo TAD1642VE-B (Tier 2)
3221 Nm @ 1300 rpm
515 kW @ 1900 rpm
Fuel tank capacity
840 l

*Dimensions are indicative only

Learn more about TH551i features

Enhanced operator safety

The ROPS- and FOPS-certified cabin protects the operator and enhances safety. TH551i features 3-layer laminated safety glass windows, an illuminated entrance with secure handles, anti-slip steps and a door system with a magnetic interlock switch that activates the brakes upon opening.

Maintenance friendly

Daily maintenance is carried out at ground level. When accessing the top is needed, 3-point contact handles, anti-slip steps, perforated top covers and anti-slip tapes ensure steady grip. Standard safety features include lockable switches, articulation lock, box support and wheel chocks.

Integrated jacking system

The optional integrated jacking system provides a safer, quicker solution for lifting the truck during tire failure. It can elevate the fully loaded truck using a hydraulic system and is controlled remotely.

Low cost per tonne

The fuel-efficient Volvo engine ensures durability and cost-effectiveness. The equipment's low weight, efficient engine technology, fast ramp speeds and up to 25% lower fuel consumption result in a low cost per tonne. Reduced fuel consumption also aids in CO2 emission reduction.  


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