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Diesel trucks

Toro™ TH330

Dimensions (LxWxH)
9,200 x 2,500 x 2,800 mm
30,000 kg
Box range
14 - 18 m³
TH330 Diesel truck

Toro™ TH330 is a compact 30-tonne truck designed for narrow spaces of 3 x 3 m. It offers an open operator's compartment as standard or an enclosed, air-conditioned cabin option for enhanced comfort without sacrificing visibility.

Product specifications

Dimensions (LxWxH)
9,200 x 2,500 x 2,800 mm
30,000 kg
Box range
14 - 18 m³
Maximum payload
30,000 kg
Standard dump box
17 m³
Dump box range
14 - 18 m³
Dump box motion: discharging time
11 sec
Dump box motion: dumping angle
62 degrees
Total operating weight
24,500 kg
Front axle operating weight
17,500 kg
Rear axle operating weight
7,000 kg
Total loaded weight
45,500 kg
Front axle loaded weight
23,900 kg
Rear axle loaded weight
30,600 kg
Engine type
Diesel engine - Volvo TAD853VE (Tier 3)
1310 Nm @ 1450 rpm
235 kW @ 2300 rpm
Fuel tank capacity
340 l

*Dimensions are indicative only

Learn more about TH330 features

Easy maintenance

This underground truck facilitates ground-level daily maintenance, enabling safety with features such as a lockable main switch, articulation lock and box maintenance support. Sandvik Intelligent Control System monitors equipment health, offering early warnings.  

Enhanced operator comfort

The operator’s compartment contains an adjustable low-frequency suspension seat with standard two-point seat belt and padded armrests. It is mounted on bushings to minimize whole-body vibration. The Volvo Penta engine ensures smooth operation and low noise levels.


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