DD422iE Development drill rig

Sandvik DD422iE Development Drill Rig

Sandvik DD422iE is an electric mining jumbo designed to drive down production costs while reducing the environmental impacts of drilling and tunneling. Major benefits of this innovative electric drill rig include zero emissions during tramming and improved productivity. The drill rig's well-designed, structures and proven components ensure a reliable workplace for both operators and maintenance crews.

Battery-driven tramming – zero emissions

Using the onboard battery, Sandvik DD422iE produces zero emissions while tramming, contributing to the health and safety of underground workers. The elimination of diesel particulate matter (DPM) and other engine emissions may even help reduce the mine's ventilation costs and lower its energy consumption.

No diesel – improved safety, lower costs

Eliminating the diesel engine potentially even reduces the need for expensive infrastructure to transport diesel fuel to the underground mine. Freedom from fuel logistics provides major cost-savings potential and further improves the safety of underground operations.

Recharge by drilling and tramming – uninterrupted productivity

This rig's power system uses the existing electric infrastructure during drilling to recharge the battery and load the battery while tramming downhill, thanks to the regenerative brake system. There's no need to worry about power outages, as this rig keeps on going – from one mine site to the next, thanks to the multi-voltage-compliant universal electric system.

Peak power management – energy reserve for max loads

By drawing reserve power from the batteries during peak loads during drilling, the jumbo's intelligent power management system helps meet ever-increasing productivity requirements despite limited underground electric power capacities.

3 ways Sandvik DD422iE will improve your mining operation:

  • Helps reduce overall diesel particulate matter (DPM), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and carbon dioxide emissions in your mine, creating an improved underground environment for workers.
  • Charges your batteries during the normal drilling cycle and downhill tramming.
  • Better drilling performance with our active power compensation system.

Save valuable set up time

This simple automatic scanning process uses lasers to guide the drill to its exact position, saving you valuable setup time each drilling cycle. It measures angles and distances around the rig, comparing them with previous scans in its memory to locate a drilling location with perfect precision. Just press a button, either from the cabin or from a remote controller, and the automated rig navigation will start immediately.

Avoid overbreak and underbreak

Performing a continuous overbreak and underbreak analysis, the scanning unit helps optimize the drilling and blasting cycle and produces an accurate profile. You'll excavate your tunnel or drift as close to planned layout and size as possible. 3D scanning optimizes drilling and reduces your costs.

Optimize drilling and blasting

3D scanning analyzes blasts and continuously relays information. Using smart iteration cycles it analyzes the geomechanical plane of the rock, increasing accuracy, reducing cycle times and ultimately enabling more drilling at less cost. Our 3D scanning technology also analyzes blasts and relays information so you can develop an even better profile for the next session.

Works with iSure

The scanning technology works with iSURE, our integrated solution to combine tunnel line, theoretical profile design, drill plan design and data collection analysis. iSURE further optimizes your drilling and blasting process by positioning the holes for best excavation, enabling a more efficient drilling and blasting cycle.

Five reasons you should move to 3D scanning:

  • Develop more meters.
  • Save you valuable setup time during each drilling cycle.
  • Optimize drilling by continuously analyzing overbreak and underbreak.
  • Using smart iteration cycles increases accuracy, reduces cycle times and reduces drilling costs.
  • Works with iSURE for efficient drill plan design and data collection.

100% Electric tramming = Zero emissions

By using electric energy from an onboard battery during tramming, Sandvik DD422iE produces zero emissions while maneuvering between headings. This improves health and safety for miners working underground.

Decrease diesel reliance, cut costs

Less diesel usage in your mine can ease ventilation requirements while also reducing associated diesel logistics and maintenance expenses. Sandvik DD422iE helps you cut operating costs across the board.

Peak productivity through power management

Improve your drilling performance through Sandvik active power compensation. The jumbo's intelligent power management system helps you meet ever-increasing productivity requirements despite often limited underground electric power capacities. Coupled with its smart battery charging system, Sandvik DD422iE will help you maximize utilization of your mine's electrical infrastructure.

Why stop to recharge

Our revolutionary Sandvik driveline technology enables the battery to recharge during the drilling cycle using your mine's existing electric infrastructure. The battery will even recharge as Sandvik DD422iE is tramming downhill by using energy generated by the braking system. So even if there's a power outage, count on your jumbo to be as charged as possible.

Flexibility to drill anywhere in the world

Contractors will appreciate the flexibility of the universal electric system of Sandvik DD422iE. Enabled with a multi-voltage compliant system that gives you freedom to move your drill from one country to another, the jumbo easily operates in different networks ranging from 380V – 1000V and both 50 and 60Hz.

Safer underground battery technology

The molten salt (sodium-nickel chloride) battery technology used in Sandvik DD422iE has a reduced risk of fire and is regarded as a safer system for underground mining use. This long-lasting pack will power your drill efficiently throughout its lifetime.

Six reasons you should move to 100% battery tramming:

  • Eliminate emissions during tramming to help reduce diesel particulate matter (DPM), NOx and CO2 emissions in your mine.
  • Cut costs across the board, from mine ventilation and maintenance to fuel logistics and operation.
  • Maximize productivity with active power compensation.
  • Recharge during drilling so you don't pause production.
  • Multi-voltage compliant system creates flexibility to operate virtually anywhere.
  • Improve underground safety with long-lasting molten salt battery technology.