DD311 Development drill rig

Sandvik DD311 is a single-boom drill designed for fast and accurate drilling within drifting and tunneling of 40 m² sections.

This development drill is available in 3 different version:

  • DD311: This electro-hydraulic drill operates with diesel tramming and electric drilling
  • DD311D: This drill operates with diesel engine power making it, the ideal rig in areas where electrical power is not available
  • DD311DE: This unit can drill both from diesel and electric power


  • Efficient drilling at lowest cost with the reliable RDX5 drifter
  • Boom coverage and various fixed or telescopic feed lengths offer versatile multi-directional drilling capabilities in small to medium heading tunnels
  • FOPS/ROPS-certified cabin/canopy offers increased safety for operators
  • Compact carrier allows for tramming into small tunnels
  • Troubleshooting, fault finding and maintenance made easy
  • Spare part commonality across product family