LT90 Rock Tools

LT90 rock tools are part of the innovative Top Hammer XL system - optimized to seamlessly work together to expand the limits in your Top Hammer operations and give you exceptional drilling results.

With Top Hammer XL, you are ready to gear up your Top Hammer drilling, as it enables you to drill blast holes from 140 to 178 mm (5,5 to 7"). It also offers the perfect alternative for Down-the-Hole drilling in competent rock. When comparing the two methods, we see an increased rate of penetration of +15% and reduced fuel burns with -50% per drilled meter. All in all, you achieve faster, more fuel-efficient and more cost-effective drilling, with considerable savings in time, money, and CO2 emissions. A better drilling experience for you, and a brilliant choice if you want to scale up your business in a more sustainable way.

Our LT90 rock tools are developed to ideally match Pantera™ DP1600i drill rig and RD1840C rock drill. The tool system, manufactured in Sweden, offers the best possible drilling dynamics and rock breaking efficiency.


Sandvik’s classic and patented retrac design form the base for the LT90 drill bits. It holds a strong gauge row, provides excellent flushing, offers high rock ­breaking capabilities, and reduces hole deviation. The LT90 drill bits are available from 140 to 178 mm (5,5 to 7“) and, as standard, they include our innovative PowerCarbide® SH70 grades for longer service life, lower costs and enhanced drilling performance.


With the LT90 MF tube rods, developed to convey high­ energy shock waves with minimal energy loss in the threads, Top Hammer XL customers can expect higher rate of penetration, straighter holes and increased service life for the whole drill string. The optimized thread design minimizes stress levels from bending, and excellent coupling characteristics are seen in the double pass thread of this tool system. The addition of premium steel grades and heat­ treatment processes further improve the durability of the LT90 MF tube rod.


The LT90 shank adapter - using high­-quality steel - is designed for optimal energy transfer from the rock drill into the drill string. It is developed in close collaboration between Sandvik’s experts in both rock drills and rock tools to ensure ideal performance and a smooth drilling operation.

The new Top Hammer XL drilling system expands the limits for top hammer drilling. You can now drill blast holes 140 to 178 mm (5½" to 7") with the top hammer drilling method instead of your current down-the-hole (DTH) system.