Top hammer drilling tools

Sandvik Top Hammer

Sandvik’s complete range of Top Hammer drilling tools is designed to transmit intensive impact power into the rock, while at the same time reducing loss of energy. This results in increased production, reduced maintenance, and more sustainable operations. Simply reliable Top Hammer tools that you want to put on the front line of your operations.


At Sandvik, we combine our broad experience and deep knowledge of top hammer drilling to ensure the perfect match for your drilling conditions and to maximize your performance. We support you in all applications - whether it is surface or underground, tunneling or quarrying, roads or construction. Along with optimal hole quality, great reliability, and long service life, the top hammer tools delivered by Sandvik ensure that you get the best possible blasting results, outstanding drill-steel economy, and low overall operating cost. ​

We are innovative at heart and place a major focus on R&D. For us this means a drive to constantly develop new and market-leading top hammer tools, and for you, it translates into high-performing products that enhance your drilling and sustainability efforts.


  • Longer service life of drill steel components
  • Reduced drilling costs
  • Less downtime
  • In-house and industry leading PowerCarbide® technology that ensures top performance, high quality, and excellent durability
  • Fewer bit changes leading to less manual handling and reduced risk of injuries
  • Straighter holes and less hole deviation that gives you better-balanced fragmentation



Our face drilling and bolting tools consist of drifter rods, couplings, shank adapters, and button bits. The bits are equipped with our unique PowerCarbide® technology, giving superior wear resistance and extended service life. You can select from a complete assortment for drilling 33 mm to 51 mm holes​.

In this product family, we also have Sandvik Alpha™ 330 - featuring a short thread design with a double guide system. Offering superior collaring accuracy and increased hole straightness, it gives you the best possible blast result, faster access to ore and shorter tunneling projects.


We offer you a complete assortment of integral drill steels, tapered rods, and bits available for handheld drilling, and our wide product range easily supports your every need. Carburized rods ensure longer tool life and high productivity, while tapered button bits increase your wear resistance and lower your overall costs. The bits are also equipped with our unique PowerCarbide® technology, further enhancing the benefits of your drilling operations.


Sandvik offers a full selection of Top Hammer tools for long-hole drilling - including MF rods, drill tubes, shank adapters, and drill bits. Our long-hole drilling tools bring a high rate of penetration and qualitative, straight drill holes. They also enable autonomous drilling and lower your total production cost. By choosing the right tool for your job, you can cut your downtime in half and increase both service life and overall profitability, and we are here to support you all the way.

Sandvik Top Hammer Heavy Duty Bits

Our Top Hammer drill bits are truly versatile and designed to meet your high demands. We have added features that empower automation, provide higher penetration rates and straighter holes. Many of the bits are also equipped with our most advanced materials technology: the PowerCarbide® range.

Sandvik Top Hammer Rods

Our Top Hammer drill rods are manufactured from alloy, high-strength, and 100% recycled steel, and you find them in hexagonal and round configurations. Developed and designed to give you straighter holes with less deviation and longer service life, we focus on increasing your overall performance.

Sandvik Top Hammer Shanks

While every component in a drill string is crucial, the shank adapter must be engineered to withstand extreme stress, as it sits between the rod and the drill bit. With endurance and dependability, it transmits extensive impact power from the rock-drill piston, as well as rotation torque, into the drill string without causing any energy loss. A hard task, but we have the quality tools you need!

Sandvik Top Hammer Integral Steel

Integral drill steels are crucial for peak productivity in all applications. Our drill steel has high fatigue strength and toughness – offering excellent wear resistance and ensuring an efficient and economic drilling operation. When you partner with Sandvik, you can expect consistently high quality and maximum operational dependability when it comes to small hole drilling applications.

Sandvik Top Hammer Alpha 330

Today’s rock drills generate almost unlimited impact power. We need to control that power and, most importantly, ensure transmission into the rock as efficiently, accurately, and economically as possible. A tough job for rock tools, which is why we developed the Sandvik Alpha 330™ tool system: it simply brings you the best solution for performance and productivity.

Sandvik Alpha™ 360 is the latest development based on our unique and best-selling Sandvik Alpha™ system. With a strong and robust design, it can last twice as long as an industry standard solution - in a wide range of drilling conditions.

Reduced hole deviation is key to achieving greater productivity, longer tool service life, improved safety, and ultimately lower operational costs. And our guide adapters provide just that.


If you have any questions about Sandvik Top Hammer products - whether it is technical features, application data or you just want to try them out yourself - please contact us. We are always ready to support you!


At Sandvik Rock Tools we are determined to take action when it comes to sustainability. Visit "Our Way Report" to find out more on where we stand in terms of the progress of our sustainability efforts.

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