Top hammer drilling tools

Sandvik Top Hammer drilling tools

Sandvik rock tools for top hammer drilling are designed to transmit intensive impact energy into the rock with the least possible loss of energy. The result is good rock breakage, high penetration rates and high productivity. Along with optimal hole quality, great reliability and long service life, Sandvik tools deliver you the best possible blasting results, outstanding drill-steel economy and low overall operating cost. ​

Top hammer drilling

Sandvik can make a perfect match between top hammer and bit to secure maximum performance.


  • Longer service life of drill steel components means your drilling tool cost is reduced
  • Increased service life means less downtime and fewer injuries
  • Straighter holes, less hole deviation gives you better-balanced fragmentation

Face drilling and bolting tools

Sandvik face drilling and bolting tools consist of drifter rods, couplings, shank adapters and button bits. The drill bits feature a cemented carbide grade with higher density and a more homogeneous structure. Toughness has been increased without compromising the exceedingly high wear resistance. You can select from a complete assortment for drilling 33- to 51-mm holes​.


  • Sandvik Alpha 330 short thread design with double guide system and more steel gives you longer rod life, straighter holes and precise collaring
  • Exact collaring and straight holes mean better advance in every blast, lowering your total cost
  • Straight holes are a prerequisite for optimized drilling patterns, and Sandvik equipment is designed to provide this

Hand-held drilling tools

A complete assortment of integral drill steels, tapered rods and bits are available for hand held drilling, featuring unique cemented carbide with superior wear resistance and service life.


  • Carburized rods give you best in class service life with increased productivity
  • Tapered button bits offer extra wear resistance which means lower costs
  • Wide assortment makes it easy to match the need
  • Product quality ensures full control over the production tasks

Long hole drilling tools

A complete assortment of top hammer tools for long hole drilling, includes MF-rods, drill tubes, shank adapters and drill bits. Our tube drilling system offer high rate of penetration, quality straight drill holes, and low total production cost.


  • Sandvik's superior wear resistance means less downtime, longer service life, and bigger profits
  • Sandvik's tube drilling system with high penetration rate and straight, high-quality holes lowers your production cost
  • Correct rock tools selection can cut hole deviation in half and increase profitability

Sandvik's top hammer drilling bits are designed for extended wear life. In addition to this, you benefit from great versitality, higher penetration rates, straighter holes and longer bit life.

Sandvik top hammer rods

Sandvik drill rods are manufactured from premium, high-strength, alloy steel and are available in either hexagonal and round configurations. Sandvik rods are developed and designed to give you straighter holes with less deviation and longer service life.

Sandvik Shank adapters

Sandvik manufacture premium quality shank adapters for most brands of rock drills. While every component in the drill string is crucial, the shank adapter must be engineered to withstand the most extreme stress. Its function is to transmit impact energy from the rock-drill piston, as well as rotation torque, into the drill string withouth energy losses. It must withstand and transmit up to 6300 blows per minute from the piston continually, with great endurance and dependability.

Sandvik Top hammer integral drill steel (IDS)

Integral drill steels are crucial for peak productivity in all applications. Our drill steel has a high fatigue strength and toughness, and offers the highest wear resistance that ensures an efficient and economic drilling operation. When you partner with Sandvik, you can expect consistantly high quality and maximum operational dependability when it comes to small hole drilling applications.

Sandvik top hammer drilling tools

Today’s rock drills generate almost unlimited impact power. We need to control that power and, most importantly, ensure that it is transmitted into the rock as efficiently, accurately and economically possible. That is the job of the rock drilling tools, which is why we continue to develop the Alpha 330 tool system – to bring the best solution for performance and productivity.

Reduced hole deviation is key to achieving greater productivity, longer tool service life, improved safety and ultimately lower operational costs.