As underground mines are getting deeper and ground conditions more complex to manage, we see a greater need for well-functioning convergence monitoring methods and ground support analysis. With the new Sandvik xCell Cyclops™ convergence system, we now offer you an easy, remote, and instant way to follow your mine online and get your convergence data directly sent to your device.


xCell Cyclops™ is a convergence system for ground support in underground mining that provides wireless, continuous, and real-time measurement of ground movements. Squeezing ground and seismic events can have major impact on both the safety and productivity of a mining operation, but the new xCell Cyclops™ convergence system enables remote assessment of rock mass behavior - leading to safer, more efficient, and cost-effective ground support and optimized ground rehabilitation.

xCell Cyclops™ The Setup 2022

The system is setup by three components and is easy adaptable to the conditions in your specific mine.


  • A highly precise laser sensor for measurements from one side of the tunnel to the other
  • Measures up to 20 meters range with +/- 2 mm accuracy
  • Retrofittable directly onto MD/MDX and Kinlock bolts, with adapters available for other types of bolts
  • Remote, real-time and unmanned transfer of convergence data via WI-FI or Bluetooth
  • Pivot and tilt for exact adjustment and orientation optimization when installed


  • A drive-by gateway with automatic data transfer via Bluetooth (if WI-FI is not available)
  • Placed in already existing mining vehicles
  • Collects data up to 30 km/hour


  • User-friendly platform for remote visualization, configuration, and alarms
  • For web browsers or iOS devices
  • Cloud-based for remote access
  • Easy and built-in data export functions


The xCell Cyclops™ convergence system also comes with three levels of subscriptions depending on your requirements – Basic, Gold and Silver – where number of users at a site and devices in remote mode vary across the levels.


  • Efficient, remote, unmanned and real-time
  • Saves time and money in ground support rehabilitation – less material, less transports, and lower operating costs
  • Less manual work and inspections required in the mine
  • Creates safer work environments by understanding, analyzing, and forecasting ground movement
  • Supports new skills and learnings about rock mass behavior and ground movement for mining engineers
  • Supports digitalization of the mining industry

To meet the demanding challenges of the modern mine, Sandvik developed xCell Cyclops™ convergence system. The sensor monitors any movement in your mine, sending the convergence data directly to your device. This makes the modern mine a safer environment to work in and minimizes rehabilitation costs.