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Raise boring drilling tools

Sandvik Raise Boring tools are optimized for cost-effective, safe and sustainable operations – for all purposes and whether you are looking for inclined, vertical or horizontal shafts. We also work closely with our customers to share our core raise boring knowledge and meet the specific needs for your project.

Raise Boring drilling tools

RR890 pilot bit

New RR890 raise boring pilot bit, thoroughly engineered for predictability and for giving your raise boring operations a competitive edge. With advanced and reliable design, it significantly extends service life, allowing for more drilling meters and reduced downtime.

RR890 pilot bit
RS410 cutter black background

RS410 cutter

RS410 raise boring cutter includes updated features to ensure a longer service life, increasing the efficiency of raise bore drilling and offering a safe work setting for operators.

RS410 cutter

Push bore reamers

Our push bore reamer system is uniquely manufactured and specially equipped for efficient drilling of slot holes in underground mining. The system includes two Ø740 mm reamers for both up and down operations and a fit-for-purpose developed cutter.

Push bore reamers


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Why choose Sandvik raise boring tools?

At Sandvik, we supply a wide range of tools for all raise boring methods, and with our broad know-how and specific application experience, we provide you with professional support and short lead times. Our assortment is flexible with its standard and interchangeable components, and you are sure to find the solution you need for conventional raise boring, blind boring up and down, as well as horizontal drilling.

With our offering of pilot bits, cutters and reaming heads in various types, sizes and configurations, you can ream and drill holes from 0.6 to over 8 meters in diameter, along with constantly high performance throughout different rock types. Our proven design comes with bolted standard components for easy mounting, assembly and service, while the reaming heads are easily adaptable to various rock conditions simply by re-arranging the cutter types.

As safety is of major importance when handling heavy raise boring tools, we always aim to reduce any potential risks for the operator. We are innovative at heart, and R&D is deeply rooted in our company. For us, this means a drive to constantly develop market-leading and long-lasting raise boring tools, and for you, it translates into sustainable, safe, and high-performing products.

Extra values for you

  • Option to rent our Sandvik reaming head from diameter 0,660 m to 6,1 m
  • Our experienced R&D team are available and ready to support with complex queries and tailor-made solution for your raise boring requirements
  • Our main focus is always to reduce your total drilling cost
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