Down-the-hole drilling tools

Sandvik DTH Tundo RH650 Hammer

For efficient Down-The-Hole (DTH) drilling, you need high performing drilling tools. Tools that increase your productivity and sustainability, while reducing your total operation cost and emissions. Within Sandvik, we offer just that. We work in close cooperation with our customers to maximize your outcome and enhance your overall drilling experience.

Choosing the right DTH tools for your specific needs and conditions can be a challenge, but we are here to support you every step of the way. In our extensive DTH range, you find a suitable solution for all ground conditions, and with our knowledge and experience, we guide you through to optimal accuracy and penetration. Whether you want a hammer with or without foot valve, or a fast or straight drilling bit, we partner up to ensure the best fit for your operations.


- A productivity booster -

By combining high power and speed with low fuel consumption, we offer a flexible range of DTH hammers that sure delivers results. And our DTH bits, having a unique combination of strength, hardness and resilience, can tackle even the most demanding applications. To drill further with tools that last even longer, we also include our exclusive PowerCarbideTM inserts, as well as DTH pipes built for extended life, and specially engineered to work with our hammers.

On top of this, we supply Tubex - a cost efficient DTH casing advancement system that reduces loose material in the hole for simultaneous drilling and casing.

- Innovative and sustainable -

R&D is at the core of what we do at Sandvik, and with that constant drive to innovate, we settle for nothing but the best. For our customers, this means a partnership with focus on a productive, profitable and sustainable future. For example, with our latest Tundo™ RH650 hammer, you can save up to 3.3 million liters of fuel every year, which equates to 9000 tons of CO2 reduced from the atmosphere. Read more about this great innovation here.

- Safety first, safety always -

Another top priority for us is safety. With a wide range of tools and accessories manufactured to reduce the risks in your DTH drilling operations, we safeguard the work environment for miners all across the globe.


  • Advanced materials technology and optimized designs
  • Boosting sustainability, productivity and reliability, while lowering your operating costs
  • Improved air efficiency and reduced fuel consumption
  • In-house and industry leading PowerCarbide® that ensures top performance, high quality and excellent durability

Our ​​​​​​​​​​​​range of DTH hammers transmit intensive impact power, with low energy loss and reduced fuel consumption. Truly important features in sustainable operations. If you are looking for good rock breakage, high penetration rates, long service life and optimized productivity, we have the hammer for you.

Sandvik DTH Bit

Our DTH drill bits are designed to make your operations easier - whatever ground conditions. They are also equipped with our PowerCarbideTM inserts, which provide superior life and enhanced drilling productivity.

Sandvik DTH Tubex System

When simultaneously drilling and casing through loose overburden materials, our Tubex system gives you great results. Tubex is a cost-efficient system that leaves less material behind in the hole.


If you have any questions about Sandvik down-the-hole (DTH) products - whether it is technical features, application data or you just want to try them out yourself - please contact us. We are always ready to support you!


At Sandvik Rock Tools we are determined to take action when it comes to sustainability. Visit "Our Way Report" to find out more on where we stand in terms of the progress of our sustainability efforts.

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