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Down-the-hole hammers

Sandvik DTH hammers combine intensive impact power with low energy loss and reduced fuel consumption. They offer good rock breakage, high penetration rates, long service life and optimized productivity.

Tundo RH650 DTH hammer

Tundo™ RH650 Down-the-hole hammers 

This hammer increases mine output while reducing operating costs and carbon dioxide emissions. The innovative piston and air cycle design enable high performance rates at low air consumption, which reduces drilling costs, fuel burn and carbon footprint.  

Tundo™ RH650 Down-the-hole hammers 
RH560 black background

RH560 Down-the-hole hammers 

RH560 DTH hammer is a robust, reliable addition to surface mining and long-haul production drilling operations. It increases speed and lowers drilling cost per hole.  

RH560 Down-the-hole hammers 
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