RH560 Down-the-hole-hammers

Sandvik RH560 DTH hammer has been developed to be a robust and reliable addition to your surface mining and long-haul production drilling operations. It helps you drill faster and lower your drilling cost per hole.

Our Sandvik RH560 hammer is made for jobs that require a more efficient air cycle, allowing you to get more energy out of each blow of the piston and increase your rate of penetration. Using less air, you still get a high output of power that is more energy efficient and uses less fuel.

It also does not use a foot valve in the bits, which will help prevent inconvenient and costly breakdowns. Instead, designed so the airflow can be handled without the use of a foot valve. With less leakage, you'll enjoy better efficiency and lower energy costs.


  • Industry-standard shanks proven and reliable technology
  • Robust piston, increased reliability
  • A new bit retaining system, that are able to carry high loads
  • A reduced number of inner components minimizes parts breakage
  • A V-lock system prevents component movement
  • Less air is required, allowing you to build pressure much faster and shorten start up phase for the drill
Sandvik RH560 rock tool

The premium Sandvik RH560 hammer arrived to the market to meet the continued demand for increased productivity through cutting edge solutions.