Sandvik PowerCarbide™ grades represent our most advanced materials technology and can optimize any drilling application – to significantly enhance both drilling performance and cost effectiveness.


Building on our world-leading R&D and expertise, the Sandvik PowerCarbide™ range is the most significant carbide innovation in the rock drilling industry for decades. Our PowerCarbide™ grades – DP55, DP65, GC80, SH69, SH70, SH75, XT49, XT70 and XT90 – offer unique combinations of strength, hardness, toughness and wear resistance to optimize any drilling application.

Sandvik was the first company in history to manufacture rock tools with cemented carbide. We are now very proud to gather our most powerful carbide grades under one name: PowerCarbide™.

PowerCarbide™ XT53 is a major innovation in our cutting picks, and is a grade well suited for the demands of rock cutting in medium to hard ground conditions. It can significantly improve your productivity and reduce the picks consumed per BCM (bank cubic meter).

PowerCarbide™ SH69 is a major innovation in Down-The-Hole drilling, capable of increasing your service life with up to 45%.

GC80 (Gradient Carbide) and SH70 (Self-Hardening), are based on improved knowledge about the wear of the drill bit in different types of rock.

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