AutoMine® equipment automation and teleoperation systems

Sandvik AutoMine™ automation and teleoperation systems

Sandvik's AutoMine® product family spans a range of both surface and underground mining applications.

This continuously evolving portfolio covers all aspects of automation from tele-remote or autonomous operation of single pieces of equipment to multi-machine control and full fleet automation with automatic mission and traffic control capability.

In the comfort and safety of a remote control room, operators can simultaneously control and monitor the movements of a fleet of driverless loaders or trucks deep below the surface, or drill rigs on the surface. Sandvik solutions provide a safe and controlled environment for operators and maintenance personnel both on the surface and underground.


Sandvik AutoMine™ Teleremote

AutoMine® Tele-Remote is a solution for smart teleoperation and the entry-level package to Sandvik's industry-leading AutoMine® offering. The product provides an easy way to start exploring full potential of Sandvik equipment automation while achieving benefits of increased productivity, safety and cost efficiency in mining operations.

Sandvik AutoMine™ Lite trucking operation

AutoMine® Lite is an automation system for a single Sandvik loader or truck and a more advanced alternative for AutoMine® Tele-Remote. The solution provides a powerful way to take advantage of the full machine performance through automation, and offers substantial benefits of increased productivity, safety and cost efficiency in mining operations.

Sandvik AutoMine™ Multilite trucking operation

AutoMine® Multi-Lite is an automation system which enables each system operator to remotely and simultaneously supervise multiple automated Sandvik underground loaders and trucks.

AutoMine™ Fleet for loading and hauling

AutoMine® Fleet is a highly advanced automation system for a fleet of Sandvik underground loaders and trucks sharing the same automated production area. It provides automatic mission control and automatic traffic management for the equipment fleet, while system operators remotely supervise the process.

Continuing our focus on interoperability, the AutoMine® Access API for Loaders and Trucks gives mines the power to connect non-Sandvik equipment to AutoMine® - Sandvik’s proven automation system.


AutoMine™ surface drilling

AutoMine® Surface Drilling offers high drilling productivity and equipment utilization for our i-series drill rigs from the safety of a remote operation center. One operator can control a fleet of drill rigs, and the package includes 3D drilling navigation to maximize blast accuracy and mine efficiency. The product allows you to drill more holes in less time, while significantly increasing safety and drilling performance. ​

Glass labyrinth 38 tonne automated loader

After 20 years of self-driving in underground mines, we put our autonomous loader to the ultimate test — navigating a glass labyrinth with no driver. Will things come crashing down?

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