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Live Streaming - Day 1

Day 1: MINExpo introduction | 09:00 PDT

Henrik Ager, President of Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions, talks about the company’s presence at MINExpo INTERNATIONAL 2021 and explains what makes the show special.

Day 1: Loading and Hauling | 11:30 PDT

Ville Laine, Vice President BU BHEV, talks about Sandvik TH550B, the company’s latest 50-tonne battery-electric truck being launched at MINExpo, as well as Sandvik LH518B, the industry’s largest battery-electric loader also on display at the show.

Day 1: Underground drilling | 13:00 PDT

Harold Jonker, Business Line Manager for Underground Drills in Canada, discusses three new products being launches at MINExpo, including the third battery-electric underground drill from Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions.

Day 1: Rock Tools | 14:30 PDT

Richard Purdy, Technical Support Manager, and Dan Gauthier, Business Line Manager, discuss the latest rock tools innovations at MINExpo.

Day 1: Sales Area Canada | 16:00 PDT

Pete Corcoran, President, Sales Area Canada, explains how Sandvik is leading the charge in the battery-electric market and why the Canadian mining industry has been an early adopter of BEVs.

Live streaming - Day 2

Day 2: Automation | 10:00 PDT

Eddie Bilborough, Sales Area Canada Business Line Manager Automation and Digitalization, talks about how Sandvik has learned from Automation underground and applied it to our Surface Drilling Automation packages.

Day 2: Parts and Services | 11:30 PDT

John Daniels, Business Line Manager and Al Roy, Commercial Portfolio and Digital Sales Support Specialist, give their view on what makes Sandvik Parts and Services offering so unique.

Day 2: DSI Underground | 13:00 PDT

Carlos Leigh, CEO DSI Underground Latin America and Gavin Fairborn, CEO DSI Underground Canada, talks about what it means to be a part of the Sandvik family and what they are showcasing at MINExpo.

DAY 2: Rotary Drilling | 14:30 PDT

Dave Shellhammer, President Rotary Drilling Division, discusses about the current state of surface mining and how the iSeries performs in hard rock.

Live Streaming day 3

Day 3: Newtrax | 10:00 PDT

Alex Cervinka, CEO of Newtrax Technologies, discusses the latest OptiMine developments.

Day 3: Surface Drilling | 11:30 PDT

Ivan Magdic, Account Manager in Canada, introduces two of Sandvik’s latest surface drilling innovations.

Day 3: Parts and services | Bonus live

Patrick Whitson & Don White from Parts and Services show our Digital Tool Kit

Day 3: Sandvik Financial Services | 13:00 PDT

Jason DeMars, Sandvik Financial Services Manager for the US, explains the company’s finance solutions.

Day 3: MINExpo wrap-up | 14:30 PDT

Victor Tapia, Vice President of Sales Area USA, wraps up MINExpo 2021.

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September 13, 2021

MINExpo introduction Henrik Ager
Loading and Hauling Ville Laine
Underground drilling Harold Jonker
Rock Tools Dan Gauthier, Katie Muhs
Sales Area Canada Pete Corcoran

September 14, 2021

Automation Eddie Bilborough
Parts and Services John Daniels
DSI Underground Mark Brandon
Rotary Drilling Dave Shellhammer

September 15, 2021

Newtrax Alex Cervinka
Surface Drilling Ivan Magdic
Sandvik Financial Services Jason DeMars
MINExpo wrap-up Victor Tapia