Underground drill rigs and bolters

Sandvik DD422iE Development Drill Rig

Whether you're developing a decline, drilling to break up ore or installing rock support, we engineer an extensive range of underground drill rigs for mining development and production. Sandvik mining drill rigs are productive, reliable and economical – even in your most demanding production and face drilling applications.

Mining Drill Rigs – Delivering Accuracy

Available in a variety of feed lengths, boom configurations and carrier size classes, Sandvik mining drill rigs maximize your productivity and minimize life-cycle cost. From robust, simple jumbos to automated units harnessing the latest technology, Sandvik underground drill rigs are designed to deliver the lowest possible cost per meter.

Engineered for easy, ergonomic operation and safer maintenance, our solutions improve efficiency and reliability in your underground drilling. Sandvik underground drill rigs come equipped with our high-performance hydraulic rock drills. Combined with our extensive selection of Sandvik rock tools, you can ensure optimum quality for every hole.

Accuracy is everything in production drilling, and our longhole drill rigs are engineered to produce precision holes that help you minimize ore loss and dilution. Our growing range of narrow-vein and low-profile drill rigs deliver accuracy in confined spaces, while our rock support rigs with fully mechanized bolting cycles improve underground safety. We also manufacture a versatile range of tunneling jumbos and raise boring systems.

No matter how unique or challenging your underground drilling needs are, we can supply the right mining or tunneling drill rig to help you maximize productivity and minimize costs.

Sandvik DD321 Development Drill Rig

Sandvik offers a wide variety of extremely productive and reliable mining jumbos and mining development drill rigs for applications ranging from face drilling for small-scale mine development to large-scale tunneling.

Sandvik Tunneling jumbos for underground mining

Sandvik tunneling jumbos have a special modular design that makes these machines flexible and versatile. Whether you're using them for fast face drilling or mechanized long-hole drilling and bolting, these machines ensure high productivity and reliability.

Sandvik DL431 Longhole drill rig

Sandvik longhole drill rigs for underground drilling and bolting are engineered to minimize ore loss and dilution by drilling straight and accurate holes up to 54 meters (177 feet) in length. We offer a comprehensive range of boom types, hydraulic rock drills, carrier size classes and tool selections to ensure optimum hole quality every time.

Sandvik DS511 rock support drill rig

The Sandvik range of rock support drill rigs is designed for a wide array of hard-rock mining operations, tunneling and civil engineering applications. Thanks to on-board cement mixers, cement bag platforms, and optional cement silos and steel strand reels, the rigs can operate autonomously for longer than one shift.

Sandvik DU412i Articulated in-the-hole production drill rig

Sandvik articulated in-the-hole (ITH) production drill rigs offer high mobility on a heavy-duty platform. These mining drill rigs are uniquely designed to produce long and straight holes at depths greater than 100 meters (328 feet).

Sandvik DD220-L Development Drill Rig

Sandvik low-profile drill rigs offer improved safety and productivity, as well as minimized ore dilution, and they are an ideal choice for work in tabular ore bodies, such as platinum and chrome mines.

Narrow vein drill rig

Sandvik offers a wide range of narrow vein and small size underground drills matching very well both narrow vein drifts and small tunnels projects.

Sandvik secondary breaking drills are engineered to optimize extraction rates and safely release blockages to improve drawpoint availability in back caving operations and narrow vein mining.

We provide innovative solutions to get the maximum benefits of your equipment.

Safety First

Sandvik is committed to exceeding set safety standards in underground mining and tunneling and developing technologies to protect underground drill rig operators, including remote control and secondary breaking drills that eliminate the need for explosives. To find out more, read our Environment, Health and Safety vision.

Underground Drill Rigs and Bolters

Sandvik understands the complex needs of underground drilling, including optimizing extraction rates, operating flexibly within tight spaces, maintaining precise drill movement and ensuring high safety standards. Sandvik’s versatile range of mining drill rigs are extremely productive, reliable and efficient, increasing output while keeping costs low, no matter what application you need underground drill rigs for.

Facilitating superior excavation quality, the mining and tunneling rigs are engineered for accuracy and safe, productive operations. Modular structures in the our drill rigs and tunneling jumbos reduce downtime. The machines maximize ore recovery while dilution. To discuss which Sandvik mining drill rig will best meets the challenges you face, contact a member of the team today.

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