+Range Top hammer drilling rod

Sandvik Top Hammer Rods

Sandvik +Range is a bench drilling tool system for top-hammer drill rigs that offers long service life, high penetration rates and excellent hole straightness. These tough rock tools can sustain maximal impact forces from the most powerful hydraulic hammers while always optimizing energy transfer.

Sandvik +Range bits are designed and produced in Sandvik's own advanced engineering and manufacturing facility. Developed with focus on innovatice solutions that provides safe operations, reduced production costs, increased reliability and enhanced productivity for our customers. With it´s steel alloy, unique to Sandvik, it gives Sandvik +Range rods increased resistance to wear.

Higher productivity

Sandvik +Range rods deliver more meters drilled and save the time spent replacing drill rods. This improves the utilization rate and increases the uptime of your drill rig, in addition to reducing the overall cost of each blast hole.

Substantial cost savings

An up to 30 percent longer tool life lowers the cost per meter drilled. Because each drill rod delivers more meters, fewer rods need to be kept in stock, which contributes to lower tool handling costs.

Reduced environmental impact

The longer service life of each rod allows more drilled meters per kilo of steel. Less material needs to be processed, tranported and recycled, thus reducing the carbon footprint of your operation.


  • Up to 30% longer service life than standard drilling systems means a lower cost per meter drilled
  • Fewer rod changes ensure more time for drilling and less time spent replacing rods