Charger™ RR440 Rotary Bit

Rotary RR440 Drill Bit

For 20 years, the Charger™ RR440 has been the benchmark of the mining industry. It is powered by improved Charger™ bearing technology with cutting structure improvements and feature optimization to maximize performance in the most challenging drilling applications.

Sandvik RR440, known as the Charger™, revolutionizes the global mining market. A sealed journal bearing blasthole bit designed for surface mining. With up to 169% longer lifetime than standard air bits and lower cost per meter we can offer a rotary bit that will pay off in the long run. Add to that, less bit changes and less manual handling.


The patented QX2 bearing uses “dual seal” technology combined with Phinodal bearing sleeves to dramatically increase weight and rotation speed capacities. Kevlar™ coated excluder seal protects the primary seal from cuttings and debris, making this system virtually bulletproof. The QX2 bearing delivers class leading bearing performance, allowing drillers to to apply more weight and drill faster, lowering your total drilling costs.


Advanced Cutting Structures

  • Optimized insert count and shapes long life & high penetration rates
  • Carbide grades selected for superior wear life

Asymmetrical Leg

  • Aids flushing and improves downhole stability whilst maximizing hole wall clearance

Charger™ Sealed Journal Bearing

  • Dual seal technology and advanced components results in long bearing life
  • Productivity is improved with higher bit loading capabilities

Full Leg Protection

  • Offers superior wear protection for maximum bit life

Extended Backflow Valve

  • Limits ingress of water & cuttings to the bit internals