MT520 Roadheader for tunneling

Sandvik MT520 PLC-controlled roadheader has been designed for use in tunneling, as well as salt, potash and chalk mining with a maximum profile up to 70 m². It has a modular design that offers more flexibility than standard roadheaders and works in most rock conditions up to ​100 MPa compressive strength.​​

Sandvik MT520 tunneling roadheader is a new concept of a construction roadheader in the 100 tons class, based on easily exchangeable modules, selectable to adapt the MT520 basic machine to a wide variety of applications.

An 8 meter cutting height module makes this machine highly suitable for large road tunnels. The full cutter motor power of 315 kW is available both on the transverse and on the inline type cutter head. An integrated dust extraction system caters for a healthy work environment of the tunneling team, and reduces maintenance downtime.


  • Longitudinal cutter head/gear box can be swapped out for an alternative in short time
  • Track assembly allows tramming speed up to 20m/min
  • On-board diesel power pack for quick and easy relocation
  • Closed, FOPS-approved operator's cabin for operator safety
Technical data
Cutter head speed 2.68 m/s
Cutter motor power 315 kW
Cutting height (max) 7,100 mm
Dimension (L-W-H) 20,000 x 4,560 x 5,100 mm
Ground pressure 0.19 MPa
Installed power 537 kW
Loading capacity 350 m3/h
Cutting width 5,500 - 9,300 mm
Weight 120,000 kg
Max. tram speed 22 m/min