MT521 Roadheader for tunneling

Sandvik’s MT series roadheaders with their geometrically optimized, transverse cutter heads offer superior cutting performance in a wide range of applications referring to different rock types and rock formations – from mineral / ore production of soft and little abrasive saline and industrial minerals to tunnel and underground cavern excavations in medium strong and medium abrasive rock / rock mass conditions consisting of e.g., sandstone, marl, chalk, etc.

Sandvik MT521 is an electrically powered and crawler mounted boom-type roadheader especially engineered to cut rock / rock mass of up to 100 MPa unconfined (uniaxial) compressive strength (UCS) in regular case, and in extreme cases of even up to 120 MPa in tunneling applications, where vibration emission might be a serious and significant problem.

This extremely powerful 100+ tons-class roadheader has a very effective transversal cutter head mounted on an extremely robust and stabilized telescopic cutter boom, which is ideal for optimum cutting power application, maintaining high productivity together with energy efficiency, which lowers overall operating and tunneling costs.

Sandvik MT521 is available as PLC (Programmable Logical Controller) controlled machine with a lot of options for customized application.


  • Improved safety features ensure safe underground working conditions and less operational hazards
  • Robust track assembly for perfect cutting stabilization and fast machine relocation
  • Optional on-board cable reel or diesel power pack for quick and easy machine relocation
  • Optional roadheader guidance system significantly improves profile accuracy and decreases tunneling cost
  • CUTRONIC® enables semi-automated cutting and assists roadheader operation for rookies in mechanical rock excavation
  • Various digitalization options optimize machine application (tele-remote operation, fleet data as well as telemetry data monitoring via Racoon and SmartMate software solutions, etc.)
Technical data
Cutting speed, 50 Hz ~3.3 m/s
Cutter motor power 315 kW
Cutting height (max.) 7,1 m
Dimension (L-W-H) ~20,0 x 7,61 x 4,25 m
Ground pressure 0.19-0.23 MPa
Total installed power 537 kW
Cutting width (max.) ~10.3 m
Total weight ~124,000 kg
Tramming speed (max.) ~15 m/min