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Surface digital offering

Driller's Office

Drillers office

Driller's Office is a software tool used to manage surface drilling, particularly in quarrying operations. It’s available for all TIM3D-ready surface drills. The software offers drill plan design, drilling data management and reporting. It improves accuracy, hole quality and blasting results.


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Uses actual data 

While standard tools employ a default bench model to create drilling plans, this software uses existing shapes at the job site for increased planning accuracy. 

Time- and cost-efficient 

Driller's Office streamlines the management process and bridges the gap between planning and drilling, saving time and money. 

User friendly 

The tool is easy to learn and use. It follows "job site logic" and creates clear and simple drilling pattern visualizations and 3D terrain models, which are straightforward to interpret.

Post-drilling reporting tools 

The software produces reports on drilled hole coordinates and other data to make follow-up easier.  


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