Roadheaders for hardrock

Sandvik roadheader for hardrock

Our electrically powered, crawler-mounted Sandvik hard-rock miners are heavy-duty roadheaders designed to excavate roadways and galleries through rock with compressive strengths beyond 120 MPa. Sandvik roadheaders offer superior productivity without damaging the tunnel floor.

Sandvik roadheaders for hardrock are equipped with powerful transverse cutter heads mounted on a robust hydraulically stabilized telescopic boom. This enables these machines to achieve high rates of advance and to sump into the face without moving the tracks. Flameproof (FLP) versions can be delivered according to the specific requirements of the operation.

Sandvik MH620 roadheader for hardrock

Sandvik MH620 hard-rock miner is an electrically powered and crawler-mounted roadheader that is engineered to excavate roadways and galleries. This heavy-duty machine has a powerful transverse cutter head mounted on an extremely robust telescopic boom. It is designed to excavate rock with high compressive strengths.