Mechanical cutting equipment

Sandvik mechanical cutting equipment

Our comprehensive range of Sandvik mechanical cutting equipment offers effective solutions for a wide range of underground mining and construction applications, including rapid-entry roadway development, demanding production settings without drilling and blasting, as well as boring of ore passes and ventilation shafts. Teamed with optimized Sandvik cutting technology and equipment, these solutions offer you higher productivity, longer service life and lower operating costs.

Our range of mechanical industrial cutting equipment includes electrically powered and track-mounted bolter miners for constructing and securing roadways, continuous miners and borer miners for continuous extraction of coal and soft minerals, boxhole borers for boring circular passages, reef miners for low-profile mining, roadheaders for underground excavation and tunneling, and cutting attachments for excavators.

In addition to superior performance, all Sandvik mechanical cutting and bolting equipment offers extensive safety features. Flameproof products are tested in realistic conditions ensuring their suitability for use in coal mines. The onboard dust suppression and methane dilution systems are tested by specialized simulation software. This is to reduce dust and improve visibility, ultimately providing healthier and safer working conditions for the machine operators. Onboard dust scrubbers even further reduce exposure to dust and improve visibility. Bolter miners are equipped with protective canopies to make sure the roof bolter operators can work safely.

Sandvik MB670 flp bolter miner

Sandvik bolter miners are hydraulically or electrically powered high-capacity machines for safe and efficient roadway excavation and roof bolt installation in underground coal and soft mineral mines.

Sandvik continuous miner

Electrically powered, track-mounted continuous miners from Sandvik are designed to cut coal and soft minerals in a continuous process, eliminating the need for drilling and blasting.

Sandvik borer miner

Sandvik borer miners perform full-face cutting with two large radial cutters. They are designed to cut and deliver material to auxiliary haulage equipment in a continuous operation.

Sandvik Roadheader for mining

Sandvik roadheaders are equipped with powerful, geometrically optimized cutter heads, which are designed to continuously excavate roadways, tunnels and other underground caverns without using explosives.

Sandvik MH621 Roadheader for hardrock

Our electrically powered, crawler-mounted Sandvik hard-rock miners are heavy-duty roadheaders designed to excavate roadways and galleries through rock with compressive strengths beyond 120 MPa.

Sandvik Roadheaders for tunneling

Sandvik's MT series of roadheaders offers the best cutting performance in a wide range of rock formations. Equipped with geometrically optimized transverse or longitudinal cutter heads, these flexible machines can be used for a wide range of applications.

Sandvik mobile bolters

Our Sandvik mobile bolters combine safety and performance with unrivaled durability in global applications. The twin-boom construction offers versatility and is the perfect tool for any roof or rib bolting application.​​

Sandvik DZ701 Longwall face bolter

Our longwall face bolters enable a safe work method during longwall equipment recovery. Two powerful drilling rigs and accompanying control valves make both standard and cable bolting safe, easy and efficient.

Sandvik Cutting attachments

Sandvik multi-purpose cutting attachments are hydraulic-powered cutting heads that can be mounted on excavators quickly and easily. These efficient, geometrically optimized cutting heads can be used in a number of applications, including production, scaling, tunnel rehabilitation, roadway leveling, trenching and demolition.

Premium Industrial Cutting & Bolting Equipment

At Sandvik, our focus is providing solutions for workforces that will enhance productivity using the most innovative and advanced technology available. For 150 years we have been at the forefront of developing engineering solutions that our clients want to see and implement. We offer a fully comprehensive service that not only designs and develops technology for industrial and mechanical cutting equipment but also provides support with parts and services to ensure that in the rarity something goes wrong, you can resolve the issue quickly. We have solutions for just about everything from financial services to safety and rebuilds, and it is available 24/7, wherever you are in the world. We understand the true costs of downtime, so we developed our solutions to ensure this is as minimal as possible.

Ideal for any project, our wide range of products will assist in all forms of mining and rock excavation you could want to achieve. Profitability and productivity are at the core of our outlook and we have the tools and machinery to back that vision. Our worldwide network can provide on-site services as well as online technical support any time of day. Please contact us with any queries you have regarding our mechanical cutting equipment and services.

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