My Sandvik Productivity for underground drill rigs

My Sandvik for underground drills

My Sandvik Productivity for underground drills is a digital fleet data monitoring and management solution that can improve your operational performance in a variety of ways.

Available for Sandvik intelligent underground drill rigs, it provides easy-to-evaluate analyses and reports about equipment utilization and functions, as well as alerts for possible maintenance needs. You can have the reports directly in your mailbox. My Sandvik Productivity enables you to compare capabilities among your equipment.

Ready to improve your underground drilling performance? Digitalize your operations – sign up at the My Sandvik web portal or contact your Sandvik representative to get 24/7 access to My Sandvik Productivity for underground drills.

Examples of features:

  • Productivity reports (e.g. number of holes drilled, meters drilled, number of bolts [DS series: Sandvik bolting system 2.5.0 or higher required])
  • Alerts enabling quick reacting and planning
  • Expertise insight for signals & maintenance/repair recommendations
  • Capability comparison between your machines