Your equipment uptime is our focus - Sandvik 365 Component solutions

Sandvik simplifies the service process and ensure less downtime to get you back up to peak performance as quickly as possible.We have all your key components available to you under our various commercial offerings to suit your needs.

Whether you have an ad-hoc failure or you are planning your maintenance in advance – we can assist, manage your components to maximise your uptime. You can expect superior reliability and longer life than non-OEM alternatives.

  • Whether it is productivity, reliability or managing your equipment's operational costs, we offer a range of different component solutions to suit your unique needs.
  • Gain peace of mind knowing you're protecting your valuable equipment with highest quality components
  • Reduce your downtime with Sandvik certified components that deliver long and reliable life
  • Reduce injury risk due to fewer repair interactions
  • 6-month full warranty on our Sandvik component solution

When you need to repair or replace a vital component, Sandvik offers cost-effective and convenient solutions that help keep your equipment productive 365 days a year.

Sandvik has quick, OEM solutions for major components in your Underground drills, e.g Booms, Feeds, Turrets etc. Replacing or repairing major components should be a straight-forward, reliable process.

Rock drills are a highly demanding component to design and manufacture. With decades of dedication and engineering work we engineer technology that improves your profitability and simplifies your operation.